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October 12, 2015

Focus of the Week (10/12/15)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (10/12/15)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

10.12.2015 – 10.18.2015


Fundamentals – Pummel

  • Pummel and Low Back Clench – Knowing how to handle yourself standing is super important in Jiu Jitsu. This particular set is focused on maintaining a good position when in close with your opponent, then achieving a low back clench and taking them down.
  • Pummel Escape to Back or Double Leg – When on the bottom of side control, we need to be able to improve our position with a sense of urgency. The pummel to the back, or double, is a great way to do that when being held down in side control.

Intermediate – Double Leg and Massa Pao

  • Double Leg – This is one of the staple takedowns, which is why we revisit it so much. It takes years to get good at these takedowns, so lets get going towards the 1,000 repetitions it’s going to take for us to get this one down!
  • Massa Pao Armbar and Sweep – This is another one of those techniques we don’t generally favor, but opponents will attempt to do it. We will show you how to turn it against them and arm bar them, as well as how to turn it into a sweep. See you on the mat!

Kickboxing – Attacking the Body/Body Punches

An often overlooked but equally important target for punches is the body. This week we look at proper ways to attack the body with our boxing! Focus on changing your level with your legs and not “punching down” to the target. Keep in mind that in order to open up the body, we need to attack up top first. And generally, if we hit the body, we can follow up back upstairs. We will work “head-body-head” combinations as well as “body-head-body” to keep our opponents guessing! If body punches are timed properly, they can end the fight, so let’s learn how to throw these at the right targets with full power and sneaky set ups!

Muay Thai – Clinch and Inside Weapons

The Muay Thai clinch, or “grapple,” is one of the trickiest aspects of Thai Boxing. Unlike in traditional boxing, Muay Thai fighters are allowed to continue to fight when they grab each other, and even more so, the elbows and knees on the inside are the highest scoring weapons! This week we will look at clinch basics, such as clinch entries, posture, positioning, offense, and defense. We will look at how to properly control our opponent’s on the inside in order to set up attacks or sweep them for points. An opponent who is not familiar with the clinch is in for a long night, so learn how to take control on the inside!


  • Congratulations to all of the ETC competitors that traveled this weekend to various locations to represent. We brought home hardware from Las Vegas, New Mexico, California, and right here in Denver! Great job everyone…keep up the good work!


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Massa Pao Arm Bar and Sweep


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