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October 21, 2018

Focus of the Week (10/22/18)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (10/22/18)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

10.22.2018 – 10.28.2018



  • Drills: Rafa Steps to Leg Drag
  • Takedown: Uchi Mata
  • Ground: Headlock/Scarf-Hold defense


Kickboxing – Leg Kicks

This week in KB 1, we look at attacking the legs of our opponent, using the outside low kick and the inside low kick. These two kicks are designed to attack the lead leg of our opponent and cause damage, which in turn with slow our opponent down, and opens up another level of our offense (head, body, legs). We will also look at the basic defense for low kicks, by “checking,” and how to counter and return properly.

Muay Thai – Leg Kick Offense and Strategy

This week, we will look at leg kick offense, set ups, and follow ups. Learning how to attack the opponent’s legs is a valuable tool that can slow the opponent down, take steam off their strikes, and set us up for a ton of nice follow ups. A hard leg kick is a staple of every good Thai Boxer’s arsenal, and on the other side, building up your legs to take leg kicks is key as well.

Kids – ABCs of Conflict Avoidance

This month we are going to discuss the ABC’s of Conflict Avoidance. These are some simple steps that can help us stay safe.

“A” stands for “Avoid Potentially Dangerous Situations.”
“B” stands for “Be Calm/Breathe.”
“C” stands for “Communicate With Confidence.”
“D” stands for “Don’t Make the Situation Worse by Arguing or Fighting.”

This week we are going to talk about “A” which stands for Avoid Potentially Dangerous Situations. What are some dangerous situations that we should avoid?

Little Tigers

  • Warm Up – Front rolls, back rolls, hipping out, and break fall
  • Standing – Jab, cross, knee
  • BJJ – Shark Bite, Quick Bite, Shark Hug, review Spider Kid
  • Game – Instructor Choice
  • Explanation – For the striking portion of the class, we will focus on jabs, crosses, and knees while standing in a correct Muay Thai stance. In the Jiu Jitsu portion, we will warm up with a game of Infection, and then move on to Shark Bite. Shark Bite teaches students to escape the mount using the buck and roll technique when their opponent is attempting to hit them from the top of the mount. We’ll then evisit Spider Kid if time allows.

Tigers – Whtie Belt

  • Standing – Guard Pull
  • Ground – Bottom of Guard – Back Sweep

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Grip Strip Single-Leg Takedown
  • Ground – Bottom of Guard – Fan Sweep

Thoughts – On The Importance of Taking Action

“Take action. Every story you’ve ever been connected with, every leader you have ever admired, every puny little thing that you have ever accomplished is the result of taking action. You have a choice: you can either be a passive victim of circumstance, or the active hero of your own life.” – Bradley Whitford



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