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January 20, 2019

Focus of the Week (1/21/19)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (1/21/19)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

1.21.2019 – 1.27.2019



  • Dragging Rear Naked Choke – The dragging rear naked choke is a perfect way to subdue a potentially dangerous opponent from behind. We will be practicing how to take our partner down and secure the choke, making sure to keep ourselves safe in the process.
  • Maintaining and Attacking the Back – The back is one of the most dominant positions in BJJ. It is imperative that we first learn to maintain and control the back position before moving on to attacking a series of submissions.


  • Drills: Push/pull stance drill, russian drill, arm drag drill, chop down arms to double leg takedown, and De la Riva to anaconda guard to 1 leg X-guard sweep
  • Takedown: Chop Down Arms to Double-Leg
  • Ground: Pendulum Series from Closed Guard

Remember, all intermediate classes start with a hard drilling session. This week focus on setting up the russian tie, the push/pull wrestling stance drill, the arm drag drill, setting up double leg takedown by chopping down on the arms, and transitioning from DLR to anaconda guard to 1 leg X-guard. Please watch the video below for a detailed look at these drills. On the ground, we are studying the pendulum series from the closed guard. Begin with the pendulum movement drill, then show the pendulum armbar, and finally show the pendulum sweep. Finish class with positional training from closed guard.



  • Drills:
  • Ground:

Kickboxing – Knees

This week in Kickboxing, we focus on a dangerous mid-range and short-range weapon: the knee. We will look at the mechanics and usage of the straight knee and the angled knee, as well as the skip knee and the barn door knee from the inside position in the “clinch.”

Muay Thai – Boxing Week

This week in Muay Thai, we will focus on the Sweet Science of Boxing! However, boxing in Muay Thai is very different than traditional boxing. We will examine some of the differences between the two, and how to better use our punching in Muay Thai to allow us to employ our other weapons successfully.

Kids Mat Chat – Who to Ask for Help

The thought of getting lost is scary. Most kids have been told to not talk to strangers and probably would not have any idea what to do if they were lost or separated from their family. This week we are going to talk about what to do if you get lost or need help. It will probably never happen, but it is good to have a plan just the same.

The first choice should be someone that looks like a grandma.
The second choice would be mom with kids.
The third choice would be a lady.
The fourth choice would be a man in uniform (mailman, milkman, delivery driver, etc)
The fifth choice would be a man working.

Little Tigers

  • Warm Up – Front rolls, back rolls, hipping out, and break fall
  • Standing – Jab, cross, knee
  • BJJ – Base Battle and review Crocodile Control
  • Game – Sumo Wrestling
  • Explanation – For the striking portion of the class, we will focus on jabs, crosses, and knees. Make sure the students are standing in a correct Muay Thai stance. On the ground, we will warm up with a game of Infection, and then teach Base Battle. Begin by teaching the students to stand with a good base and resist being pulled and pushed. Then play Sumo Wrestling, a game where students stand in a circle and must try to push or pull their opponent out of the ring. Revisit Crocodile Control if time allows.

Tigers – Whtie Belt

  • Standing – Stop Hands
  • Ground – Fan Sweep from the bottom of guard

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Underhook to front headlock
  • Ground – Frame to double

Thoughts – Motivation vs. Dedication

It’s important to know the difference between motivation and dedication. Motivation is great, but it’s a very temporary feeling. Everyone, at some point in their lives is motivated to do something. All of you, if you are newer, are probably motivated right now to be here. Dedication, on the other hand, is different. It is a deep-seated promise we silently make to ourselves. It’s a promise that sometimes is hard to keep, but that is why people who are successful are always dedicated. To be dedicated means to keep pursuing your goal even when you are no longer motivated. The days when you’re tired, or it’s raining out, and the last thing you want to do is come in here and train, that is where dedication separates itself from motivation. I challenge everyone in here to make that promise to yourself, and to live a healthier and more rewarding life because of it.



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