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May 28, 2019

Focus Of The Week! 05/28/2019

Carlos Espinosa

Focus Of The Week! 05/28/2019

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

5.27.2019 – 6.2.2019




  • Drills: Rafa Steps to Leg Drag
  • Takedown: Front Headlock & Sprawls
  • Ground: Taking/Attacking the back or Marshall Plan (no-gi)


Kickboxing – Elbows

This week in Kickboxing, we are working on our elbows! Elbows are a dangerous close-range (zone 1) weapon used in Muay Thai. We will be looking at several different types of elbow strikes and then how to properly set them up and score big!

Muay Thai – Round Kick Offense & Strategy

This week in Muay Thai, we will be studying the round kick (te tat in Thai). In terms of scoring, the Round Kick is one of our most used weapons, because it’s one of our heaviest weapons. We will study mechanics, proper set ups, and feinting round kicks this week!

Kids – Words Over Emotion

This week we are going to talk about how to use our words to change our emotions. We call this transformational vocabulary and it’s about using words to make our life richer and more powerful. When we are angry, we tend to use angry words. Using angry words usually makes things worse by making us, and those around us, even angrier. Most of the time we can change the way we feel by changing the words we use. When we do this it is called transformational vocabulary and it is very useful in helping us control our emotions. You use transformational vocabulary by replacing strong, negative words and phrases with words that express a more positive emotion. What you say and how you say it can actually take you from being “extremely mad” to a “little irritated.” It works because what we say actually helps determine how we feel. For example, you could say: “I am super mad at my brother,” or “I am a little annoyed with my brother.” Which way would it make it easier to gain control of your emotions? What would happen if you said you were: Slightly annoyed instead of mad? Would it make you happier or sadder? A little irritated instead of ticked off? Would it make you happier or sadder? Disappointed instead of heartbroken? Would it make you happier or sadder? Fascinated instead or frustrated? Would it make you happier or sadder? You can also make Neutral or Positive words even stronger What would happen if you said you were: Great instead of okay? Would it make you happier or sadder? Awesome instead of pretty good? Would it make you happier or sadder? Getting better instead of all right? Would it make you happier or sadder? This week I want you to concentrate on what you say and how you say it. Try to find a happier, stronger, richer way to express your emotions. Watch what it does to your and other people’s emotions.

Little Tigers

  • BJJ – Side Control Escapes Pummel Escape

Tigers – White Belt

  • Standing – Hip Toss
  • Ground – Side Control Escapes Frame and Pummel

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Grip Strip Single
  • Ground – Position – Back Attack Armbar


  • Staff Photos @ High Altitude Martial Arts this Saturday at 12pm Noon!

Thoughts – The “Wall” and Getting Over it

Everybody, at some point in their workout program is going to hit the “wall.” Whether that means you’re feeling burned out, or you aren’t seeing the same rate of improvement, or you feel like you are plateauing…whatever the case may be, you are going to hit that wall at some point in your training. The trick is to be aware of it, and to understand that it’s natural for everyone. Getting over the wall, which all of you will do, is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have, and this obviously is not only true for our training, but also for our lives. Life is full of obstacles, and the most successful people are the ones who keep moving forward and deal with setbacks in stride. As far as our workouts are concerned, the way to get over it is to stay consistent, and to remember that you can always ask any of the instructors here for advice and guidance because getting over the wall is something we have all personally experienced. Again, it’s just necessary to understand that at some point all of us will hit the wall, but what’s important, and what really defines us, is that we have the indomitable spirit and the fortitude to get over it and forge ahead.



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