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March 31, 2019

Focus of the Week 04/01/2019

Carlos Espinosa

Focus of the Week 04/01/2019

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

3.32.2019 – 4.7.2019




  • Drills: Guard pull to anaconda guard sweep, smash pass to mount, knee slide to side control, side control to mount
  • Takedown: Guard Pull
  • Ground: Attacking the Mount

Guard pull to anaconda guard sweep, smash pass to mount, knee slide to side control, side control to mount. On the ground, we are studying how to attack the mount using the a variety of chokes and armbars.


Kickboxing – Elbows

This week in kickboxing, we will go over the short-range weapon in the elbow. The elbow can be used to “cut” or “spear” the opponent, depending on how you throw it. We will look at proper elbow technique and then how to properly set our elbows up and cover distance from punch range to elbow range.

Muay Thai – Zone 2 Weapons : Boxing, Elbows & Knees

This week in Muay Thai, we will focus on on Zone 1 weapons: elbows and knees. We will look at how to transition from Zone 2 into Zone 1 safely with strikes, and how to combine elbows and knees on the inside. We will also continue to study the Thai Long Guard and how we can use it to get into Zone 1 while defending against punches.

Kids – Taking Responsibility

This week we are going to talk about always taking Responsibility For Your Actions. The day you take responsibility for your actions, good or bad, is the day you start to become successful. The next time something goes wrong, don’t look for excuses or blame others. Think about what you can do to make it better and how you can avoid having it happen again. Do you know someone who always makes excuses for themselves or blames others for their actions? With habits like those, it is hard to ever accomplish anything

Little Tigers

  • BJJ – Back Escapes
  • Explanation – Baseball Bat Choke Escape

Tigers – White Belt

  • Standing – Double Leg
  • Ground – Position – Back Escapes
    Baseball Bat Escape

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Duck Under off the Post
  • Ground – Sleeve Collar choke and Armbar


  • Congratulations to our Easton family who competed this weekend!
  • Entering into a competition, whether you’ve done it before or not, is pretty nerve-wracking. We just want to show our appreciation and our support for those of you who went and put it on the line. Win or Lose, we are always proud of you all for getting out there and taking this big step in your Jiu-Jitsu careers.

Thoughts – The Importance of Self-Awareness

A discrepancy between how you think you are perceived by others and how you are actually viewed exists in most of us. It is important to be aware of this discrepancy–at least in the abstract. We should all strive to be more self-aware, and pay closer attention to how our actions may affect and influence others. In doing so, we can aim to be better people in the world.



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