a man knees a punching bag labeled with the words "Easton Training Center" in a kickboxing class

Focus of the Week 01/27/2020

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

1.27.2020 – 2.2.2020




  • Drills: Guard pull to anaconda guard sweep, smash pass to mount, knee slide to side control, side control to mount
  • Takedown: Guard Pull
  • Ground: Attacking the Mount


Kickboxing – Angles of Attack

Muay Thai – Teeps / Push Kick Offense

  • lead teep
  • rear teep
  • skip-in teep
  • side teep
  • bicycle teep

Kids – Kindness

What does Kindness mean to you?

Little Tigers

  • BJJ – Crazy Legs
  • Stand In-Base

Tigers – White Belt

  • Standing – Pulling Guard
  • Ground – Stand In-Base

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Duck Under off the Post
  • Ground – Back Defense Safe Side

Thoughts – Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you | The Wall, and Getting Over it.


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