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December 2, 2013

Focus of the Week 12.02.2013 – Kicking and Passing

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week 12.02.2013 – Kicking and Passing

Easton Academies | Muay Thai and BJJ

12.02.2013 – 12.09.2013


Leg Kick Guard Pass - Andre Galvao

Muay Thai


Leg Kicks – Leg kicks are some of the most powerful moves in Muay Thai.  They soften up your opponents legs, making them slow and clumsy in their footwork, opening up the rest of your attacks.
Leg Kick Counters –  Getting kicked is no fun.  If you don’t believe me, watch Ernesto Hoost destroy people’s legs in K1.  Learn how to avoid taking damage while taking advantage of your opponents position.


BJJ – Passing and Escaping


Basic Single Leg Takedown – The Single Leg is one of the most fundamental moves to any stand up game.  However it is more technical than one might think at first.  Time to learn the subtleties of how to control this dynamic position!
Guard Passing From The Knees – Guard Passing is arguably the most foundational set of techniques you learn in Jiu Jitsu.  When you hear people talking they designate your BJJ game in one of two ways: either your a guard passer or a guard player.  This week it’s time to be a passer!  Come learn how to get around that tough guard of your partner’s so you can begin to work your attacks and submissions.


Scarf Hold Escapes – This is one of the most important positions to know how to escape.  It is very common for street fights to end up in a Scarf Hold position, and if you don’t know how to escape, you’re in for a bad time.  Learn how to get out of this bad position easily and effectively so you can start to utilize your BJJ skills!

Black Belt

Half Guard Top – Turning the tables on last week, this week we will be studying how to pass and submit from the top of Half Guard.  If you came in last week you know how dynamic this position can be.  This week learn how to control your partner on bottom so they can’t capitalize on this active position.


Hopefully everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday! Now it’s time to get back to it and work off those Holiday pounds! With another big holiday right around the corner…consistency is key! See you on the mat!


Be thankful this Holiday season! Thankful for the people in your life that are there each day to keep you going and help put a smile on your face. Thankful for the job you have, and thankful for all of the friends and family that will come together with you to celebrate the Holidays! You have much to be thankful for, so don’t overlook any of it…tis the season!



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