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August 9, 2011

Brendan and the Scrap Pack doing some work

Mike Tousignant

Brendan and the Scrap Pack doing some work

Amal teaching the present and future Allstarts of Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The elements of successful athletic performance are the same across all demographics. If you look at the training regime of an elite UFC fighter like Brendan Schaub you will see lots of hard work, focused practice and an ability to keep your eye on the prize at all times. That same work ethic and determination can be seen on the Easton mats in Denver five days a week in a wildly successful group of children known as the Scrap Pack.
The kids that comprise the Scrap Pack show a huge amount of heart and belief that they will obtain all goals they choose to chase. This confidence starts with their first and greatest support system, their parents. It is easy as a parent to simply entertain your kid’s passions and hobbies.
However, the parents of the Scrap Pack truly embrace their kid’s dreams. They work to instill in their kids the confidence that they truly can obtain all they set their minds too. They follow through on this by making sure their kids make every practice and develop all of the habits necessary to become champions.

Standing right next to the parents in support of the Scrap Pack are two phenomenal Easton’s kids instructors; Professor Antonio Fidelis and Coach Andrew Espinosa. These two teachers have spent countless hours on the mat with the Scrap Pack training and molding them into champions. Both teachers report that the kids are able to absorb Jiu Jitsu at a rate that humbles most adult practitioners. Together, the Scrap Pack and their teachers, chip away at the work necessary to bring the kids one step closer to their dreams.

The work has paid off. Collectively, the Scrap Pack holds 6 World Championship Gold medals and 3 World Championship Silver Medals. When you talk to the kids about their accomplishments they do not at all sound like little kids, they sound like seasoned veterans and show the utmost humility about their accomplishments. If you congratulate any one of the kids about their Mundial Championship, they simply say thank you and immediately begin to rattle off the accomplishments of their friends and peers. They demonstrate a high level of dedication to the team. They seem to understand that the best path is for them to all rise towards their goals together. As the team improves, they improve as individuals. That is why you will see them at every practice pushing and supporting each other and having fun in the process.

The combination of great parenting, top notch instruction, and hard work has shown fantastic results. The sky is truly the limit for the group. Who knows where we will eventually see the members of the scrap pack. We do know though that they are having a great time getting there.


One of the Scrap Pack giving Schaub a BJJ lesson


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