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Easton Training Center In-House Tournament: 2021 Recap

Colorado’s second largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament, the Easton Training Center In-House Tournament, took place last month with an amazing turnout!

After not getting to host an in-house tourney in 2020, the entire Easton community was ready for this day. In fact, this was our largest tourney yet – with over 400 participants across adults, kids, gi, and no-gi divisions.

Did you catch our recap video on Instagram? Rewatch it here.

There are tons of great images from the 2021 in-house tourney!

They’re available for purchase here.

The Easton In-House BJJ tourney is a long-standing tradition in the Easton community, typically taking place in the summer.

It’s a great opportunity for people who are newer to the competition scene, allowing them to gain experience in a friendly environment, matched up against other Easton students.

Stayed tuned for next year’s event details, and start your preparation now!

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