Free Tournament Entry!!!

Want to compete in the next RMBJJF tournament for free?

Hey guys, what’s up? This is Professor Marshall. We have arranged for Easton BJJ to get 5 FREE ENTRIES to the October 17 RMBJJF tournament!

This should be a fun tournament, with many guests like Relson Gracie and Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos, among others. Proceeds are being donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, so get out and support Easton BJJ and a great cause!

We are going to have “wrestle-offs” at the five weight divisions to see who will receive them. The “wrestle-offs” will be Saturday, October 10th at 1 pm at the Denver academy. This is a great opportunity to get some free competition experience!

For more information on the 4th US National Cup, go here:

See you guys on the mats!

P.S. Bring both Gi and No Gi gear for the “wrestle-offs” and we will decide later how it will be!

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