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April 22, 2014

In a Rut? CrossFit.

Brian Carlsen

In a Rut? CrossFit.

We all have periods of training where we seem to hit a plateau. A month or more goes by, and it seems like you aren’t improving at all. Whenever training – whether it’s Jiu Jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, or otherwise – starts to feel stale, that’s a perfect time to incorporate CrossFit into your routine. Because of its intensity, focus on proper technique, and community feel, it can help break through plateaus and put you back on a positive athletic trajectory.
Functional Strength
Not all workout regimens are created equal. While bicep curls will give you big biceps, they and similar exercises lack any real substance when it comes to performing in sport. Functional strength is built when you perform exercises in line with the natural movements of your body, beginning in the core and extending to the extremities while promoting full range of motion. In CrossFit, you dead lift, push, squat, throw, jump, pull, and sprint, sometimes rapidly – all of these movements translate naturally to other activities, especially those as demanding as Jiu Jitsu and striking.
Avoid Injury
Proper body mechanics are crucial. Injuries can arise easily when deadlifting or squatting heavy weight without the correct movements. CrossFit programs begin with instruction on the basic mechanics of the exercises, and continue to inform as you advance. These movements can be especially technical, and doing them correctly will promote strength and stability in joints and muscles. If you pay attention to your mechanics and the way your body feels while in CrossFit, you can get in an extremely intense workout without a great risk of injury.
CrossFit is a community. Once you start, people expect to see in the gym alongside them improving every day, cheering each other on. It’s not just a collection of random people focusing on themselves doing their own exercises. It’s also not about competing against others – unless your goal is to compete in the CrossFit Games – but against yourself. The constant goal is getting in increasingly excellent shape. It’s the trick to revitalizing your practice of whatever other sport you’re focusing on.


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