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March 20, 2024

Registering for your IBJJF Membership

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Registering for your IBJJF Membership

As far as sanctioning bodies in Jiu Jitsu competitions go, the IBJJF has a reputation for attracting the best competitors and running the highest level competitions, including Gi and No-Gi Pans, and Gi and No-Gi Worlds. 

Although the level of competition at IBJJF events is undeniable, the league’s deep roots in the world of Jiu Jitsu bolster its reputation, along with its longevity as the premiere sanctioning body in BJJ. If you’re looking to test yourself against the best competition, the IBJJF is a great place to do just that.

Unlike most sanctioning bodies, the IBJJF requires that you carry a membership with them before allowing you to register for one of their events. 

You can easily register for an IBJJF membership, but the process can feel confusing for first-time applicants. Never fear, we’re here to make the process as seamless as possible! Simply follow these steps to secure your IBJJF membership and register for your first IBJJF event:

Step 1: Watch this video

To simplify the process and make your registration a breeze, we made you this video that walks you through the process from start to finish. After watching the video, you’ll be more than ready to register for your IBJJF membership.


Step 2: Become an IBJJF Member

After watching the video, you should go to to begin your registration. Click the membership option at the top of the page and get started. You already know all the steps, so this part of the process should be as simple as entering in all of your information. 

The IBJJF has made registering easier in recent years. A big change has been that you no longer have to print out the membership form, fill it out, and get your professor’s signature before uploading it and submitting it. Instead, you’ll be able to request approval from your professor (Professor Amal Easton for Easton Training Center Students) by filling out the online form and submitting it. Your professor will receive an email notification about your pending application and can sign into their account portal to give you approval. Once that’s done, you’ll receive a verification email and be good to go.

If for any reason that doesn’t work, you can always download the membership form and complete it the old fashioned way. If you do this, you’ll need your professor’s signature on the form. For Easton students, you should email your form to Easton’s Director of Martial Arts, Professor Alex Huddleston at Professor Huddleston will help facilitate the approval process with Professor Amal and then send you the completed form. This process should take relatively little time. 

If you have any questions or issues with your registration, feel free to contact Professor Alex via email and he will be happy to assist you. 

Step 3: Register for the Denver Open

Once your membership is approved and you’ve paid the registration fee, it’s time to sign up for your first IBJJF tournament. Right now the squad is gearing open for the 2024 Denver International Open on May 11th and 12th.

If you’re interested in participating, you can register for the 2024 Denver Open here


Step 4: Review the Rules

Every sanctioning body has a different ruleset, and the IBJJF is no different. In many ways, the IBJJF ruleset is one of the most copied and universal, yet there are still rules specific to the IBJJF you should know about.

Besides how points and advantages are awarded, you should know uniform requirements as well. For example, did you know that Easton’s white belt striping system is not approved by the IBJJF? This means that if you’re a white belt competitors you will need to where a solid white belt instead of one of your striped belts.

Whether you’re a first time competitor or not, it’s important to know what to expect if you want to have an optimal performance.

Make sure you review and get up to speed with all the IBJJF rules and requirements.


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