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October 20, 2019

October In House Tournament 2019

Caroline O'Connell

October In House Tournament 2019

The Fall 2019 In House tournament was a great display of Jiu Jitsu, but more so of our community. Family, friends, and coaches, came together to support our Easton competitors. With so much support in our community it made sense to split up the tournament in two days: Saturday for the kids, and Sunday for the adults.

The Child Competitors

Photo by @oconnellbjj

The kids absolutely killed it! Not only was their Jiu Jitsu fantastic, they also had great sportsmanship! True black belt partners! There were some great battles, some cool submissions, but most importantly good attitudes! Competing is all about having a good attitude whether you win or lose. Coaches were there to support each child before, during, and after their matches. Pep talks were given, along with match side coaching, and afterward words of wisdom.

Photo by @oconnellbjj

But coaches aren’t the only ones there to support the competitors. Parents, relatives, and other loved ones poured through the doors of Easton Denver. Some who are experiencing Jiu Jitsu for the very first time.  The kids were tough, and didn’t give up. Teammates bonded, and friendships were made among students of different schools. Most importantly, friendships grew as students realized although they were fighting alone, they had a whole team behind them. Thank you to everyone who came out to support, and to the kids who competed!

The Adult Competitors

The In Easton House tournament has quickly become the second biggest tournament in Colorado. Easton is one of the most competitive schools in the country. We are proud of all of our competitors for stepping out of their comfort zone and competing, it is truly a rewarding experience. You learn so much from one competition, you can see your flaws, and then work on them. We are proud of all of our competitors for stepping out of their comfort zone and competing, it is truly a rewarding experience.

The adult competitors had wonderful performances. It was amazing to see so many students showcase their Jiu Jitsu. Also, it was great to meet everyone’s family and friends who came to support. The Easton community expands with every tournament!


Photo by @oconnellbjj

The sense of community is profound within Easton. It is obvious to see how supportive our community is by watching In House tournament. Coaches are there cheering on competitors, kids came to watch their parents, and vice versa. Teammates came to support their training partners. Easton Denver becomes a full fledged Jiu Jitsu tournament. None of this is possible without the organizers Professor Jeff Ake and Professor Vellore Caballero! Their hard work does not go unnoticed as the In House tournament becomes the second biggest tournament in Colorado!


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