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November 2, 2010

November is blowing up with the best talent in town!

Amal Easton

November is blowing up with the best talent in town!

Don’t miss these invaluable seminars coming this month! Also, help support an Easton BJJ family in need.

*** About Nov. 13 seminar at McMahon BJJ Fort Collins

This seminar taught by Professor Pimenta is a memorial/fundraiser for Kevin Muraski, a blue belt from McMahon BJJ, who passed away unexpectedly last Sunday. He is survived by his wife, Cheri, and two sons, Ryan, 9, and Christian, 6. They also train jiu jitsu. Sadly, Kevin didn’t have life insurance so to show our support, all proceeds from this seminar go to his family.

*** About Professor Pimenta

It has been a great honor to have Pimenta here as a guest instructor for two whole months. Pimenta is a top competitor and an unbelievable instructor. Any school would be lucky to have a guy like this out for a one day seminar (generally his seminars are a $50-$75 one time fee). Easton BJJ has world class instructors, but it is always good to bring in extra talent and have guys out for a prolonged period to really get a flavor for who they are and how they practice jiu jitsu. Many of us have been taking advantage of our special guest classes weekly and you know how spectacular he is. We will be having a few seminars to show support for Pimenta and future guest instructors in this format. If you are able, please attend these seminars. If you can’t make it, but want to contribute, please do or pay for someone who can’t afford to.

*** About Ricardo Franjinha Miller (

Easton also is excited to have Ricardo Franjinha Miller here to host a seminar. He is not only a great competitor, but has produced top-level American talent for 14 years. His first black belt is our own Tyrone Glover, as well as BJJ phenoms Bill Cooper and Jeff Glover. Tyrone is fighting Nov. 12 and we are very excited to not only have him out here helping Tyrone in battle, but to share some of the magic that has made Paragon BJJ one of the top schools in the USA.


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