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April 28, 2017

In-House BJJ Tournament 2017: Info for Competitors

Sachi Ainge

In-House BJJ Tournament 2017: Info for Competitors

Dear Competitors,
Easton’s annual In-House Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament is almost upon us! Please go over this email to make sure you are ready for Saturday!
The event will take place at:
Easton Training Center – Denver
1304 S Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80223
Friends and family are welcome to attend! We will have a food truck parked outside.



Kids’ matches begin 9:00 AM
Adults’ matches begin 12:00 PM
Please check your bracket, and plan to be dressed and ready to go 30 minutes before you are scheduled on the mat. We may be running ahead of schedule!
Upon arrival, please stop at the check-in table and pick up your tournament shirt. If you registered late, it is possible that you won’t receive a shirt, as the order was placed on the registration deadline.



Please Note:
The Little Tigers format will be slightly different from a normal tournament in that we will have them do one 3-minute round with half being from the feet, and the second half on the ground.  There are no submissions allowed for the 4-7 age group, so please be sure your guys and girls know!

See you tomorrow!

Easton Training Center



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