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February 12, 2018

Fight to Win Pro 64: February 23, 2018

Sachi Ainge

Fight to Win Pro 64: February 23, 2018

It’s that time again! The much anticipated Fight to Win Pro BJJ event returns to Denver this month, and this is a show you don’t want to miss. There are 12 Easton competitors on the card, and you can support them by selecting one of their names from the drop-down menu when you purchase your tickets.


Main Event
Fight To Win Pro Black Belt Heavy Weight No-Gi Title
Rafael Lovato (Ribiero Jiu Jitsu) vs Tim Spriggs (TLI)

Co-Main Event
Fight to Win Pro Black Belt Super Heavy Weight No-Gi Title
Eliot Marshall (Easton BJJ) vs Joao Assis (Electric Jiu Jitsu)

Female Purple Belt No-Gi Title
Mo Black (Prime BJJ) vs Amy Montenegro (Gracie Barra)

Female Brown Belt Bantam Weight No-Gi Title
Vanessa Wexler (Gracie Barra) vs Nikki Sullivan (Atos)

215 lbs No Gi
Nick Brown (Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu) vs Don Westman (CBJJ Stapleton)

200 lbs Black Belt Gi
Jeff Ake (Easton BJJ) vs Lance Yager (Select Jiu Jitsu)

185 lbs Black Belt Gi
Phillip Lietz (The Sanctuary) vs Brian Sparrow

165l bs Black Belt No Gi
Connor Heun (10th Planet) vs Tim Galluzzi (Easton BJJ)

165 lbs Black Belt Gi
William Grundhauser (Gridhouse) vs Sergio Castillo (Dark Horse BJJ)

190 lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Troy Everett (Mile High Gracie) vs Evan Barrett (Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu)

185 lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Bruce Bugbee (Easton BJJ) vs Ryan Casey (Factory X)

185 lbs Brown Belt Gi
Chris Mierzwiak (Easton BJJ) vs Joe Miles (Zs Training Gym)

180 lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jeremy Hastings (Katharo) vs Dylan Miller (Nova Mente)

175 lbs Brown Belt Gi
Eric Coe (Dark Horse) vs Vance Barkdale (CBJJ Stapleton)

165 lbs Brown Belt Gi
Aaron Porter (Easton BJJ) vs Justin Tanke (The Farm)

155 lbs Brown Belt No Gi
Jarred Merdcado (Easton BJJ) vs Jeremy Wynia (Gracie Barra)

150 lbs Brown Belt Gi
Casey Pratt (Gracie Barra) vs Matt Sierra (303 Training Center)

135 lbs Brown Belt Gi
Sharicka Long-Oneill vs Jenny Lofaro (Spear BJJ)

205 lbs Purple Belt Gi
Teddy George (Katharo) vs Michael Costa (Prime)

205 lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jared Haymon (Fulcrum Jiu Jitsu) vs Austen Brinker (Prime)

200 lbs Purple Belt Gi
Corey Brenner (Easton BJJ) vs Daniel Pacherres (Zenith BJJ)

195 lbs Purple Belt No Gi
Travis Roberts (Easton BJJ) vs Johnny Knutson (BHBJJ)

180 lbs Purple Belt Gi
David Wenig (Wyo Faction) vs Andy Binol (The Sanctuary)

175 lbs Purple Belt No Gi
Scott Carroll (Castle Rock Martial Arts/High Altitude) vs Lewi Gault (Colorado BJJ Stapleton)

170 lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jake Hartner (Easton BJJ) vs Sean Speer (Catalyst BJJ)

145 lbs Purple Belt Gi
Derek Alumbaugh (Easton BJJ) vs Daniel Dykeman (Kompound)

145 lbs Purple Belt Gi
Aj Trefonas (Trials MMA) vs Cameron Thurgood (GFT)

135 lbs Purple Belt No Gi
Eric Sainz (Carlson Gracie ) vs Trevor Polhamus (Catalyst BJJ)

Female 125 lbs Blue Belt Gi
Selena Garcia (303 Training Center) vs Emma Sojo (High Altitude)


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