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May 9, 2017

Fight to Win Pro 34

Sachi Ainge

Fight to Win Pro 34

Fight to Win Pro returns to Colorado this month for F2W Pro 34 on Friday May 12th at the National Western Complex in Denver. As always, the event will be followed by the Fight to Win Tournament the next day, and any State Championship competitors participating in two or more divisions will receive a free ticket to the Pro event (registration closes May 12). Tickets are also available for purchase online at For those who can’t be there in person, Flo Grappling subscribers can also stream it online.

The card includes nine Easton BJJ fighters, in what promise to be very exciting match-ups. Professor Eliot Marshall will once again be donating his full F2W earnings to individuals struggling with anxiety and depression, more on that here.


Fight to Win Pro 34 Fight Card:

Main Event

215 lbs. Black Belt No-Gi
Eliot Kelly (EDH BJJ) vs. Gordon Ryan (Danaher Death Squad)

Co-Main Event

155 lbs. Black Belt No-Gi
Alvin Robinson (Royce Gracie BJJ) vs. Jeff Glover (Victory MMA)

240 lbs. Black Belt No-Gi
Eliot Marshall (Easton BJJ) vs. Jared Dopp (Lovato BJJ)

150 lbs. Black Belt No-Gi
Vellore Caballero (Easton BJJ) vs. Henry Matamoros (Pure Life BJJ)

220 lbs. Black Belt Gi
Rodrigo Antunes (Paragon BJJ) vs. Angelo Swimmer (Colorado BJJ)

190 lbs. Black Belt No-Gi
Gilbert Smith (Victory MMA) vs. Hayward Charles (Hybrid Martial Arts)

145 lbs. Female Black Belt Gi
Rossie Snow (Easton BJJ) vs. Jennifer Recinos (Alliance)

125 lb. Female Brown Belt Title
Vanessa Wexler (Gracie Barra) vs. Gabby Romero (Club Pitbull)

200 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Don Westman (Colorado BJJ) vs. Jeremiah Talley (Kompound)

170 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Brandon Russel (Easton BJJ) vs. Eric Coe (Jubera Jiu Jitsu)

175 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Jeremy Hastings (Katharo) vs. Steele McCall (Kompound)

180 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Seth Daniels (Easton BJJ) vs. Jeremy Adler (The Farm BJJ)

150 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Mike Martin (Kompound) vs. Jeremy Wynia (Gracie Barra)

135 lbs. Purple Belt No-Gi Title
Derek Alumbaugh (Easton BJJ) vs. Nicky Ryan (Danaher Death Squad)

125 lbs. Female Purple Belt Gi
Mo Black (Prime BJJ) vs. Abi Pacinelli (Paramount BJJ)

220 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Joseph Mackinnon (Kompound) vs. Joseph Clark (Katharo)

145 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Michael George (The Sanctuary) vs. Robert Lamorie (303 Training Center)

185 lbs. Purple Belt No-Gi
Troy Everett (Mile High Gracie) vs. Lewi Gault (Colorado BJJ)

145 lbs. Female Purple Belt Gi
Gigi Good (Easton BJJ) vs. Ashley Bilak (Jubera Jiu Jitsu)

110 lbs. Female Purple Belt No-Gi
Fabiana Jorge (10th Planet) vs. Cassie Robb (303 Training Center)

170 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Sean Speer (Catalyst BJJ) vs. Vance Barkdale (Colorado BJJ)

185 lbs. Purple Belt No-Gi
Time Coleman (Katharo) vs. Ryan Casey (Factory X)

180 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Alex Yablong (Easton BJJ) vs. Kris Hocum (Trials Martial Arts)

160 lbs. Purple Belt No-Gi
Matt Johnson (Zingano BJJ Team Wildman) vs. James Mikus (Way of Jiu Jitsu)

140 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Brian Bui (Atos) vs. Casey Pratt (Gracie Barra)

155 lbs. Purple Belt No-Gi
Ryan Wirth (Durango MMA) vs. Robert Parish (10th Planet)

135 lbs. Female Teen Blue Belt No-Gi
Jaidyn Mueller (Factory X) vs. Cassidy Kosanke (Bastos BJJ)

160 lbs. Teen Blue Belt Gi
Zak Kaufamn (Easton BJJ) vs. Thomas Bringe (Castle Rock BJJ)

135 lbs. Female Teen No-Gi
Jaya Haggerty (Trials MMA) vs. Emma Sojo (High Altitude)

70 lbs. Kids No-Gi
Emerson Preuss (Catalyst BJJ) vs. Damien Reyes (Gracie Barra)

85 lbs. Kids No-Gi
Ryno Renton (Trials MMA) vs. Casey Walker (FusBoxe)


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