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October 19, 2016

Fight to Win Pro 18

Sachi Ainge

Fight to Win Pro 18

Fight to Win Pro is returning to Denver on November 18th with a stacked card of high-level Jiu Jitsu matches. With a host of both gi and no-gi fights, all in the high stakes submission-only format, this promises to be an exciting evening! There are sixteen Easton-affiliated fighters on this card, including several Fight to Win pro veterans. The main event will feature Professor John Combs, who’s had a busy year of competition all over the country and the world. The co-main event is our own Professor Eliot Marshall, who is recently back on the competition scene, and has been hard at work using this platform to raise awareness for mental health issues and childhood cancer research. Tickets are available online here, and you can select the fighter you’d like to support from the drop-down menu.
They’re calling this the most stacked Colorado BJJ card to date! Here’s the full line-up of super fights for the evening:

Main Event

Black Belt No Gi Middleweight Title Fight
John Combs  (Easton Boulder) vs. DJ Jackson (Team Lloyd Irvin)

Co-Main Event

240 lbs. Black Belt No Gi
Eliot Marshall (Easton Denver) vs. Bruno Bastons (Bastos BJJ)

220 lbs. Black Belt Gi
Graint Gaither (McMahon BJJ) vs. Tim Spriggs (Team Lloyd Irvin) 

145 lbs. Female Black Belt Gi
Rossie Snow (Easton Centennial) vs. Natasha Quiza De Almeida (Fight Sports)

150 lbs. Black Belt No Gi
Nick Honstein (Factory X) vs. Nick Marr (Edge MMA)

145 lbs. Black Belt No Gi
Julie Hoponick (McMahon BJJ) vs. Jennifer Recinos (Alliance MMA)

220 lbs. Black Belt Gi
David Lucarelli (Fudochi Martial Arts) vs. Angelow Swimmer (Colorado BJJ West)
280 lbs. Black Belt No Gi
Alex Huddleston (Easton Castle Rock) vs. Danny Richards (The Farm BJJ)

180 lbs. Black Belt No Gi
Isiah Wright (Easton Centennial) vs. Hayward Charles (Hybrid Nation)

205 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Jeff Ake (Easton Denver) vs. Don Westman (Colorado BJJ Stapleton)

115 lbs. Brown Belt No Gi
Fabiana Jorge (10th Planet) vs. Vanessa Wexler (Gracie Barra)
170 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Jeremy Hastings (Katharo Jiu Jitsu) vs. Evan Barrett (Castle Rock BJJ)

195 lbs. Brown Belt No Gi
Bruce Bugbee (Easton Arvada) vs. Tom Rampley (Busy BJJ)
160 lbs. Brown Belt No Gi
Tim Galluzzi (Easton Boulder) vs. Tyson Ferrari (Atos)

150 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Shawn Coad (Katharo Jiu Jitsu) vs. Ryan Warner (Gracie Barra)
180 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Jason Bruce (Zingano BJJ) vs. Carlos Hernandez (The Farm BJJ)
155 lbs. Brown Belt Gi
Nathan Daughenbaugh (Steamboat Springs BJJ) vs. Sean Waddle (Jubera Jiu Jitsu)
140 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Derek Alumbaugh (Easton Castle Rock) vs. Matt Manzanares (Cheyenne BJJ)

125 lbs. Female Purple Belt No Gi
Mo Black (Prime BJJ) vs. Lacey Schuckman (The Shop)
220 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Joseph Mackinnon (Kompound) vs. Sam Chavez (Low Summit BJJ)

160 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Mike Tepstra (Academy of Grind) vs. Michael George (Sanctuary BJJ)

135 lbs. Female Purple Belt Gi
Jennifer Perez (Easton Denver) vs. Elisa Giddens (Gracie Barra)

185 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Dan Humke (Kompound) vs. Troy Everett (Mile High Gracie)

175 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Alex Yablong (Easton Boulder) vs. Sean Speer (Catalyst BJJ)

145 lbs. Purple Belt Gi
Matt Sierra (303 Training Center) vs. Cameron Thurgood (Grand Valley BJJ)

155 lbs. Blue Belt Gi
Nick Gamez-Ramos (Easton Denver) vs. Thomas Bringe (Castle Rock BJJ)

135 lbs. Female Green Belt Gi
Jaidyn Mueller (Factory X) vs. Kate Stewart (Colorado BJJ Stapleton)

120 lbs. Orange Belt Gi
Avery Harter (Easton Centennial) vs. Emily Fernandez (Bastos BJJ)
110 lbs. Orange Belt Gi
Nick Borisov (Easton Centennial) vs. Ethan Debleak (Gracie Jiu Jitsu Aurora)


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