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November 10, 2015

Fight to Win Pro 1: Colorado’s First Pro BJJ Event

Sachi Ainge

Fight to Win Pro 1: Colorado’s First Pro BJJ Event

On Friday November 20th, Fight to Win promotions will hold Colorado’s first professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu event at the National Western Complex. Fight to Win Pro 1 will be unlike the large-scale Jiu Jitsu tournaments that Fight to Win is known for, instead presenting twenty matches one at a time, with all eyes on the fighters. The format for these matches is submission only, meaning there will be no points awarded, and to win, one fighter must submit the other. Competitors will include purple, brown, and black belts from various Colorado Jiu Jitsu academies, as well as a selection of high-level teens and children.


The Fight to Win tournaments have grown significantly over the last few years, mirroring the growth of the Colorado BJJ community. The uptick in public knowledge of and participation in Jiu Jitsu can partially be attributed to the popularity of the UFC, where MMA fighters without a BJJ background are quickly left in the dust. However, until now, there has not been a local forum for Colorado’s BJJ elite to showcase their hard-earned expertise. This event is a chance for spectators, who may not have the opportunity to attend the larger IBJJF tournaments, to see upper belts compete.


The submission-only format will add an air of increased drama. When points are of no significance, positions that might be less appealing from a points perspective will be more viable. For some competitors, this may mean changing up the way they train in the weeks leading up to the event. The addition of cash prizes will mean higher stakes, and the opportunity for these athletes to to get paid to do what they love.


There will be seventeen competitors fighting out of the Easton academies and affiliates. You can purchase tickets through your favorite fighter, and they will receive a portion of the proceeds. At some academies, these tickets may be available at the front desk. Check out the Facebook event for more information. Don’t miss this chance to see these monsters in action!


ETC Centennial

Brandon Espinosa

Cameron Melott

Richard Carrier

Isiah Wright

Dane Millerhass


ETC Boulder

James Strater-Smith

Shae Smith

John Combs


ETC Denver

Elizabeth Tran

Jeff Ake

Peter Straub

Chris Mierzwiak

Brandon Russell


McMahon BJJ

Julie Hoponick


High Altitude Martial Arts

Corina Sojo

Robin Solsbery

Pat Garland


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