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November 17, 2019

Fall 2019 Belt Promotion Ceremony

Roxana Safipour

Fall 2019 Belt Promotion Ceremony

On November 2nd, Easton held an academy-wide belt promotion ceremony. The ceremony was yet another chance for all of the Easton community to come together and celebrate.

New Blue, Purple, and Brown Belts

A total of 106 students received new belts at the blue, purple, or brown rank. Huge congratulations to these students! A new belt is a milestone on the Jiu Jitsu journey, and a sign of one’s dedication to the art.

One particularly notable promotion was of Tom O’Keefe, who at age 83 is the oldest student to ever earn a blue belt at Easton. You can read more about Tom’s story here.

And you can see the full list of blue, purple, and brown promotions here.

New Black Belts

The ceremony also included the promotion of 13 new BJJ professors!

Lee Dahmer
Igor Cosic
Blake K
Erik Hagan
Doug Chipman
Milly Malloy
Todd Walsh
Josh Dinar
Tim Ryan
Dane Cummela
Joe Ware
JJ martinez
Dave Revelez

Earning a black belt in BJJ is an accomplishment that often takes more than 10 years of dedicated training. Congratulations to our newest professors!

The Easton Community

One of the great benefits of training at Easton is the opportunity to be part of such a large family. Although we comprise 8 different academy locations across the Denver/Boulder area, we are all one Academy. That we can hold a ceremony where over 100 students are promoted is a testament to the size and strength of the Easton community. Thank you to everyone who attended the ceremony!


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