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June 26, 2010

EBJJ Shows Support For The Troops!!

Amal Easton

EBJJ Shows Support For The Troops!!

Professor Chaun Sims and Professor Eliot Marshall both showed support for the soldiers who showed up for the Fort Carson combatives tournament! 

This past weekend,  Easton BJJ was at Ft Carson as the Soldiers there participated in a Combatives tournament. Professor Eliot Marshall and Professor Chuan Simms pumped up both the competitors and the crowd as the tournament neared the finals. Coach Matt Smith is an Army combatives instructor and was in the cage refereeing the matches.

Combatives is a military style of hand to hand fighting based on BJJ, judo, wrestling, boxing, and muay thai. Over 170 Soldiers competed in the FT Carson tournament. There were both men and women competing in seven weight classes.

The Army uses a graduated set of rules as the fighters progress through the tournament. The first round is grappling similar to a BJJ tourney. The intermediate round is pankration rules (open hand strikes to face, closed fist to the body). The final round is MMA rules. This helps to keep the Soldiers from becoming too specialized in one type of tournament fighting.

The competitors that medaled in this tournament now form a team that will represent FT Carson, CO at the All Army Championships on October 1st in Georgia. Coach Matt and the whole Easton BJJ family will be helping the team prepare. Time to get ready!


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