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August 9, 2011

Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA in Castle Rock!

Amal Easton

Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA in Castle Rock!

This week we welcome the newest school in the Easton BJJ family: Easton MMA and Fitness in Castle Rock! We’re known for having the best jiu jitsu instruction around and now we’re expanding our offerings into a new area. Headed by our friend Chris Stolzman, the people of Castle Rock now have a new way to train jiu jitsu!

The Newest Location

Chris Stolzman will be head instructor of Castle Rock. Chris has a long and well celebrated career in MMA. Well known for being the man who brought MMA instruction to Atlanta, now he’s bringing it to Castle Rock as well. Chris will be the head instructor for BJJ and Muay Thai.

He will be assisted in his endeavors by Chandler Holderness and Nicholas Reid. Chandler Holderness is a Grudge MMA Pro from Boulder. He’s been competing at the pro level since he was 19.  Nicholas Reid is a blue belt from Centennial and will be helping with the kids jiu jitsu classes in Castle Rock.

Come and See Us!

If you live in Castle Rock and want to get involved in MMA or learn jiu jitsu, we can help with that. The schedule is up, and with six chances for BJJ a week, and four days of Muay Thai, you now have plenty of opportunities to learn jiu jitsu in Castle Rock.

You can come and visit us at:

Easton BJJ & MMA in Castle Rock
3196 North Industreal Way Suite G / K
Castle Rock, Colorado 80109

Chris and his team are excited to lead the way in Castle Rock, and we’re proud to add another location to the family. So if you want the best jiu jitsu training in Castle Rock, Easton BJJ is your best choice!


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  1. My niece’s instructor, Nick, is an excellent teacher and very good with kids. Recently found out that Nick is no longer with this school, and my young niece is very disappointed. Her parents are thinking about pulling her out because she just isn’t very happy with the new teacher. A real shame this happened. Our family wishes Nick the very best; he has a great future in coaching.

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