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July 15, 2019

Easton Littleton Celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary

Roxana Safipour

Easton Littleton Celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary

Easton Littleton achieved its first anniversary on June 18th. Reaching the first anniversary is a huge accomplishment for any new business, and we are very proud of how far Littleton has come in the first year!

The academy continues to grow, and now has 159 active members and 3 black belt instructors. Peter Straub, head instructor and general manager, says the ultimate goal is to grow until the academy can move into a bigger location, with more mats and space for a Muay Thai and Kickboxing program.

The 1 year anniversary was celebrated with a 2-hour seminar taught by Professor Eliot Marshall, followed by a picnic celebration in nearby Clement Park. Kickball contests, water fountains, and delicious food served by Adobo Food Truck all marked the occasion.

The picnic was an opportunity to reflect on the academy’s success and future growth. “Being at the barbecue, it was just such a good vibe with good energy. It really felt like a community,” Peter says. “We are really coming together. People are friends, they’re excited to see each other. All the kids were playing together. It was just a really proud moment.”

Congratulations to Peter and all of the Easton Littleton staff. We are excited to see how the academy continues to grow during it’s second year!

Photos by Scott Raber.


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