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August 12, 2019

Easton Arvada August Members of the Month: The Bowen’s

Caroline O'Connell

Easton Arvada August Members of the Month: The Bowen’s

Meet the Bowen’s

From the very beginning, Jack loved Jiu Jitsu. You can tell when a child walks through the doors of the academy if they are excited for class or not, and Jack always has a smile on his face eager to put his gi on. His father, Jeff, would bring him to class and they would participate in family class together on Saturday. Jack is a consistent student, they always arrive twenty minutes before class starts to play dodgeball. Even during difficult times, Jeff made sure that Jack could get to class. It wasn’t long before Jeff stepped on the mats again but this time alongside his son. Tuesday and Thursday are their days. Jeff comes in to drill before 6:30 am no gi class, and Jack comes in for 4:15pm Little Tigers. Jack is an incredibly well behaved and dedicated child, and his love for Jiu Jitsu is contagious. Jeff is so involved in our community and we are so lucky to have them here. Due to these reasons, Jeff and Jack Bowen are August’s members of the month!

The Bond Between the Two

Jack trains because he wants to get better, earn stripes, exercise, and learn from Coach JR. Jack loves Coach JR and shows his utmost respect for him. On the other hand, Jeff trains for different reasons. He says that Jiu Jitsu is the only activity that forces his mind into the present. For example, when someone is on his back trying to choke him, he can’t think about anything else besides for escaping. He states that Jiu Jitsu is something meaningful he can share with his son. Their strong relationship is a bond visible to the naked eye. Jack has respect for Jeff, and listens to him. But at the same time, they are best friends. They train Jiu Jitsu all the time at home together and Jeff has taught Jack some submissions that he can use when he’s a Tiger. Also, Jeff thinks that Jiu Jitsu makes him tougher and more resilient because he is voluntarily putting himself by in difficult and uncomfortable positions, literally and figuratively. He quotes @etcarvada’s Instagram and states that “Jiu Jitsu is a universal giver of humility: it provides the opportunity to earn something that money cannot buy and for which there are no shortcuts.”

“Mental Reset”

When asked how Easton improves his life Jack stated, “It helped me learn discipline. I also made some new friends.” Indeed, Jack has very good discipline, and he is always a black belt partner. Meanwhile Jeff divulges into mental health benefits of Jiu Jitsu and the community that surrounds it. He describes it as a “mental reset” because he always leaves class feeling better even though it’s physically exhausting. Instead of focusing on how tired, sore, or busy he is, he channels the sensation he feels after training. In the future, Jack plans on competing. His advice for new students is not to be scared, it’s going to be okay. While Jeff quotes Jocko Willink and states, “relax harder.”

Easton Arvada is incredibly lucky to have the Bowens as students. We cannot wait to see Jack thrive in our Tiger’s program, and Jeff to someday become an Amal Easton blackbelt.


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