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December 2, 2011

Competitors Start times Winter 2011

Mike Tousignant

Competitors Start times Winter 2011

These are the start times for individual competitors for the in house tournament 12/3. Parents, please have your kids at the Academy 15 minutes before they are scheduled to start. Adult competitors please show up thirty minutes before your bracket is scheduled to start. The times listed are not exact start times of divisions. Divisions will start no sooner than posted below, and hopefully no later than thirty minutes after. Competitors, Parents, coaches and friends: Please watch the following video on rules and etiquette if you have not done so already.

Names listed below do not reflect who is in your bracket. Brackets will be posted in the morning.

If your name is not listed below, and you registered prior to the deadline then please contact us at


Frank Williams
Roman Lynch
Seth Roberts
Dylan Zengerle
Ryan Cicione
Lucas Nunn
Mason Parker
Ryan Oblachinski
Peyton Kelli-Coutts
Zach Williams
Anthony Digrazia
Angus Macdonald
Grayson Warwick
Christian Chase
Carson McCue
Theo Gonzales
Ayse Delclos

Ryan Muraski
Max Franz
Cameron Mellott
Daniel Smith
Tucker Joseph
Antonio Tabargay
Coby Mandell
Gaby Lyons
Katia Beggan
Avery Shunneson
Bethany Kramer
Theron Sovndal
Tristan Kelly

Taylor Kutschera
Lauren Moore
Gabriel Ybarra Jr.
Jacob Rivera
Keely (Kiki) Ryland
Levi Reveles
Elijah Jonas
Alex Meggitt
Soran Sovndal
Alaina Russel
Strider Carnes


Ryan Okvinghttons
Alberto Ferrarri
Kennan Emmitt
Robert Citron
Robert Stomski
Eric Coe
Mathew Clouse
Rob Fineberg
Adam Clark
Mathew Luis
Trey Woods
BJ Strick
Ben Gleason
Barry Solway
Edward McLaughlin
Drew Durham
Hedina Valthorsson
T. Varallo
Rocky Gomez
Haley Manchester
Kris Pilgrim
Shae Dixon
Cass Pangell
Julie Hoponick

Micah Caputo
Dylan Boeken
Chris Green
John Boyle
Alessandro Tecce
Mario Aguiar
Shae Smith
Matt Jackson
Mario Garza
Jake Pepper
Adam Taufmann
Papa John
Patricio Rodriquez
Brian Carlsen
Johnathan Deckart
Eric Twickler
Bruce Bugbee
Cenobio Chacon
Jon Jimenez


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