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April 14, 2019

Competition Class and other goings-on at ETC Boulder

Zack Chandler

Competition Class and other goings-on at ETC Boulder

The Return of BJJ Competition Class

If you trained at the Boulder Academy two or three years ago, you may remember the Tuesday/Thursday competition class in the spring and summer.  The structure of the class was similar to the advanced BJJ classes, with a high concentration of tough training partners and more of a focus on sequences from start to finish (i.e., get grips, pull guard, sleeve and collar, triangle).  I personally benefited much from my attendance of this class.  Coach Jordan Shipman and Professor John Combs are leading this class on Saturdays at 8:30 AM in preparation for the IBJJF Denver Open taking place May 18 and 19.  Students are also encouraged to participate in the in-house competition taking place April 20 at Easton Denver to get competition experience and to see what preparations can be made for the Denver Open. 

Old versus New

When we held this class a few years ago, it was reserved for advanced students only. This time around, the competition class is open to 2-stripe white belt and above, meaning there is more variety in training partners as well as a larger class in general.  Also, there has been more focus on up-down-out training from standing positions, which is an often overlooked aspect of competing in my opinion.


Professor Combs is an ADCC qualifier

Professor John Combs came back victorious from Los Angeles and will now be competing at the prestigious ADCC tournament in Los Angeles.  More information on this event and its competitors can be found here. He is now ranked 6 in the world in his weight class. Go Combs! 


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