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May 8, 2018

Colorado’s BJJ Competition List

Sachi Ainge

Colorado’s BJJ Competition List

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Eager to Compete More?

This weekend’s Fight to Win BJJ Tournament marks the 5th local competition this year to be held in the Denver area. There have never been this many local opportunities to test your game and get better! There are two events this month of May, one in June and at least four more upcoming events in 2018!


If you want to get after it and stay up to date on all local competition information, you can sign up for Colorado’s BJJ Competition List. This list is aggregated and maintained by Coach Jordan Shipman of the Boulder Academy. Typically sent out once a month (as often as new events are announced or new information becomes available), the emails contain consolidated information on event dates, prices, registration deadlines, locations and ruleset summaries. Overall, it’s a great tool for anyone interested in competition!


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