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June 4, 2009

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships 2009

Amal Easton

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships 2009

I remember in 1996 having the pleasure of competing in the first World Championships in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

I remember in 1996 having the pleasure of competing in the first World Championships in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I was a blue belt and although I lost my first match, it was an experience I will never forget. I have participated in more than 6 and will regrettably be absent for this year’s competition.

The big tournaments are where all the teams and competitors lay it on the line and show their stuff. There are no more secret techniques. No more hiding this move or that move from the other academies. If it works, you better use it.

Carlos Gracie Jr. is one of 21 children of the late founder with the same name and is owed a great deal of the credit for making BJJ what it is today, specifically the competition circuit that has grown astronomically. Carlinhos, as he is known, is the mastermind behind this competition and every year, he and his staff really outdo themselves.

In 1996 there were 4-8 competitors in each black belt division. Today, many of the divisions have 30 to 40 black belt competitors. In my opinion, where you used to be able to excel on technique alone, BJJ has spread to the point where it is no longer so simple. Today, technique, conditioning, genetics and luck all play important factors. Selfishly, I miss the old days, when Royce Gracie, a much smaller and weaker competitor could mow through the competition with the pure style and finesse of Gracie Jiu-jitsu. Today with BJJ adopted by the US military and competitions topping 1000 competitors regularly, the efficiency and importance of BJJ is no longer even a point of conversation to anyone who follows or participates in MMA or any martial sport for that matter.

I can’t remember being so excited and feeling so much anticipation to see any sporting event unravel. The level of competition and skill that will be displayed on the mats this week, has never been so high and there will be another page written in BJJ history.

Many of the favorites in the black belt division have passed through our mats such as Braulio Estima, Romulo Barral, and Otavio Souza. Many unknown competitors will etch their names in BJJ history this week. The competition is going to be off the hook! With a reported 1300 competitors, the level of skill that will be on the mat and the level of man hours in preparation for those 6-10 minute matches, is truly significant.

Easton Brazilian Jiu-jitsu will be fielding about 12 competitors. Brian Carleson, James Stradersmith, Jessie Kim, Mike Tousignant, Colan Shook, Andres Hermida, Matt Bernier, Elsa Ryland, Reid Walsh, Larry King, Julia O’Riordan, as well as Professor Mat Jubera, who, in the black belt division, will be facing the best competitors in BJJ, period! Professor Correa will be there to coach and keep us updated via twitter feeding to our news page.

So good luck to our teammates and all the competitors in general! I really look forward to seeing who shines in this tournament and learning all the spectacular new moves and games, that we will all benefit from, coming out of the 2009 World BJJ Championships!

Those who really benefit from this tournament, are the people who train and all the future generations who will train BJJ, as it will not be the same after this week!

Check in on our news page often for updates. Good luck everyone and see you on the mat!

Amal Easton

P.S. For more information and to see the keys for our guys and the tournament in general go to:


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