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November 9, 2009

Big Belt Promotion THIS Saturday!

Amal Easton

Big Belt Promotion THIS Saturday!

Our end of year belt promotion ceremony is this Saturday, be sure you come out and support your teammates!

The end of year belt promotion ceremony will be at the Denver academy at 3rd and Broadway, this Saturday, November 14th at 11:00 a.m.

This promises to be a great day, so be sure to come out and be a part of it. Support your Easton BJJ teammates as they take the next step towards their goals.

South Denver academy will be closed. Boulder academy will be closed after the kids classes. Arvada academy will be closed.

The Denver academy will have kids class from 9:15 to 10:00, then the 10:00 fundamentals class. The belt promotion will follow at 11:00 and run until approxiamtely Noon, at which time there will be open training with all the instructors and new belts until around 1:00 or so.


This Saturday night, Nov 14th, after a busy day we are all going to celebrate the belt promotions at Easton in style! This is a huge event, people have worked for months preparing for this, a little partying is well deserved!

1612 WAZEE ST.

If you live far away…you can stay at the Jet Hotel…there are 19 rooms…303-572-3300

It should be a lot of fun!

Then on Sunday we will have a great no-gi training session with some very special guests! so dont miss it!

It’s at the Denver academy…and training begins at 11am (doors open at 10:30)

Please check the mindbody website or the front desk of your academy for any schedule questions.

Training will be in Gi and if you are being promoted, please bring your Gi to wear for the presentation.

In case you missed it, here are the students up for promotion:

Orange Belt:

Boyer, Aiden

Blue Belt Candidates:

  • Barrows, Andrew
  • Baker, Mike
  • Bierhaus, Heather
  • Busse, Blake
  • Christiansen, Neil
  • Cooney, Patrick
  • Erkhart, Christopher
  • Espinosa, Andrew
  • Fichtner, Garrett
  • Gonzalez, Jose
  • Hutchinson, Brian
  • Joo, Philip
  • Kolanowski, Elizabeth
  • Litjen, Ben
  • Mack, Andrew
  • Martinez, Javier
  • Martinez, Rick
  • Moreira, Newton
  • Pickette, Monte
  • Quintana, Gabe
  • Robbins, Ray
  • Romero, Tony
  • Sanchez, Chris
  • Sellers, Charlie
  • Simpson, Jeffery
  • Tanza, Gianni
  • Thiesen, Zach
  • Valenski, Neilsun
  • Ware, Joseph
  • Wallis, Phillip
This is a list of possible Blue Belt promotions. Blue belt candidates should have material on the blue belt technique checklist (blue belt page only) signed off by testing day. Blue belt candidates will not need the White belt stripe checklist done, but should be very familiar with the techniques as you may be asked to demonstrate some of those techniques. Testing will be held the weekend prior to promotions, with an opportunity to retest during the week should it be required.

Purple Belts:

  • Berger, Scott
  • Chase, Joey
  • Delman, Reid
  • Erkhart, Jeff
  • Hopper, Nick
  • Long, Mark
  • Velarde, Kevin
  • Wakkinen, Jami
  • Whitsoe, Scott

Brown Belts:

  • Ariola, Atom
  • Basile, Tony
  • Sanchez, Robert
  • Hordinski, Steve

Black Belt:

  • Lopez, Erwin

Congratulations again to all the candidates!

See you there!!!


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