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November 16, 2010

Belt Promotions this Saturday in Boulder!

Amal Easton

Belt Promotions this Saturday in Boulder!

Check out who’s getting promoted this Saturday!

The next Easton BJJ belt promotion is this Saturday, Nov. 20 in Boulder. If you haven’t been to one of our belt promotions you are missing out! Please come and support those who have been working toward this reward so diligently.

The belt promotions start at noon. Come early to participate in Professor Easton’s intermediate class at 11 a.m. Immediately following the promotion, Professor Pimenta is hosting a seminar. Pimenta has been tearing up the competition scene lately, and over the past two months he has been sharing with us the latest techniques from Brazil. The seminar is $30. Helping support these seminars ensures that we are able to continue to bring talent like his to Colorado.

Congratulations to the following people who are getting new belts!! For more information on seminars and promotions, talk with your school’s professor. See you on the mat!

Blue Belt

Jose Aguila (Denver)

Larry Champine (Denver)

Brian Epstein (Denver)

Amy Fidelis (Denver)

Mario Garza (Denver)

Mark Giannuzzi (Denver)

Rick Gilbertson (Denver)

Jesse Hickey (Denver)

Mathew Horgan (Denver)

Mac Joyce (Denver)

Tom Mowad (Denver)

Nick Nordstrom (Denver)

Patrick Sweeney (Denver)

Robert Tierney (Denver)

J.D. Woolley (Denver)

Michel Benitez (Boulder)

David Conrad (Boulder)

Indian Danaher (Boulder)

Josh Dinar (Boulder)

Kevin Kelly (Boulder)

Cory Sandhagen (Boulder)

Zane Tackett (Boulder)

Trent Vanallen (Boulder)

David Velez (Boulder)

James Wilkins (Boulder)

Brian Youakim (South)

Isiah Wright (South)

Larry Sarjeant (South)

Lisa Crowell (South)

Matt Reid (South)

Dustin Peterich (Arvada)

Donald Springfield (Arvada)

Eric Twickler (Arvada)

Fredrick Jesih (Arvada)

Joey Benedetto (Arvada)

DJ Cardi (Denver)
John Boyle (Denver)
Eli Cancino (Denver)

Chris Reiss (Arvada)
Steve Josephy (Denver)


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