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June 14, 2010

Another Five Star Review From One Of Our Female Students!

Amal Easton

Another Five Star Review From One Of Our Female Students!

Check out this awesome testimonial from one of your fellow students!!!

Last summer my husband suggested enrolling our two kids in BJJ. The only place he would consider was Easton BJJ since he knew some of the coaches and liked their attitude and demeanor. All I could think of was the 15-20 minute drive twice a week from my house to the academy; but two boys + summer vacation will drive you to try anything to get them out of the house…

After a couple classes I was in love with BJJ and the kids were training. As I watched them from the sideline my desire to join the action grew. At the first suggestion of the manager to try an intro class, I jumped at the opportunity. I had nothing to lose but I never dreamed of what I was going to gain… Fast forward to a year later and here I am making that drive 4-5 times a week and dreaming of a blue belt…

Women in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu are the minority, a growing minority. Not every woman feels comfortable surrendering her personal space to men they hardly know, being on the defense while planning an offense, or simply put in an uncomfortable situation – but I would recommend to put your fears aside, get out of your comfort zone and just give it a try. You can count on the teammates at Easton to feel safe, protected, and treated with respect.
Yes, sometimes I get submitted. I can never have those pretty long manicured nails. After practice my hair is a mess and I am an unfeminine, sweaty creature. So why do I do it? Because the feeling I get when I outmatch a teammate, escape an attack or get someone to tap out is simply exhilarating. Each small victory strengthens my confidence. I have learned to take care of myself. Physically, I am stronger and more fit as a byproduct of my training. My male counterparts may have strength, but I use my size, speed, and flexibility to my advantage. I am 5′ 2”, 108 pounds, mother of two, who loves to dress up and wear make up. I might not look intimidating; I do not have big muscles; but when I roll my opponent will know one thing for sure, I am a fighter. I have trained and am prepared to take advantage of his/her weakness. I might lose a match but I will win my opponent’s respect. That is the gift BJJ has given me.
Easton BJJ has added a female only classes, the sisterhood of “She-Belts” has been born. I have found it to be the last missing element in my training. This group of ladies trains hard to perfect techniques, share what works for us, and support each other no matter where we are in BJJ and life. These ladies have elevated my game and the quality of my life.
BJJ has become a way of life. Easton BJJ, my house; my coaches, my mentors; my teammates, my extended family; the “She-Belts,” my support system in and out of the mat… And let’s not forget that it has given my husband the rare opportunity to say that he was 100% right!


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