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October 21, 2019

Easton Online Podcast: Vellore Caballero

Roxana Safipour

Easton Online Podcast: Vellore Caballero

On episode 4 of the Easton Online Podcast, Eliot sits down with Vellore Caballero, BJJ Black Belt and General Manager of the Centennial Academy. Eliot and Vellore discuss the importance of unity in the Easton organization, and how that unity was achieved over time. They also discuss the success of the kids Jiu Jitsu program at Easton, and the techniques Vellore has used to teach and motivate kids. Check it out here:

Show Notes

2:38 – Vellore talks about the early history of the Centennial Academy and how he came to take on a managing role.

5:30 – Eliot and Vellore discuss how in the early days, the Boulder, Denver, and Centennial academies used to compete with each other. Eliot and Vellore didn’t always get along and often butted heads in the beginning.

12:11 – How the culture at Easton changed over time and moved towards unity.

17:15 – Eliot talks about the importance of location in opening a school, and some of the business metrics you need to track besides just looking at revenue.

22:50 – Eliot says he tries to learn every day. Always keep learning.

23:56 – The importance of documenting everything you do in running your business.

27:15 – Vellore talks about the success of Easton’s kids program. He was at first resistant to the idea of running a kids program, and had to step out of his comfort zone.

29:09 – Vellore tells his formula for making a kids class engaging and fun.

38:11 – Vellore recounts his history as a competitor and MMA fighter, and how Easton was there to support him through thick and thin.

40:53 – People are the most important asset in your organization.

51:50 – When coaches take pride and joy in their students’ success, it elevates the students.

53:11 – How proper use of showing disappointment can actually help motivate your students.

55:48 – Vellore tells why he believes it’s easier to teach BJJ to kids than adults.


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