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January 5, 2016

Third Annual Christmas Classic Muay Thai Smoker

Sachi Ainge

Third Annual Christmas Classic Muay Thai Smoker

On Saturday December 12th ETC Denver hosted Easton’s in-house Muay Thai smoker for fighters in the Muay Thai program. With 12 bouts, a surplus of food, and a positive, encouraging atmosphere, the event reached a new level of attendance with nearly 350 students, friends, and family members alike coming out to support their teammates and friends.
The Easton striking department has successfully cultivated this stepping stone for advanced-level students who have sparring experience and an interest in taking their Muay Thai to the next level. By taking part in the smoker, they see what it is like to commit to a four-to-six-week fight camp, get matched with an opponent, and step into the octagon for a three-round bout. Because all aspects of the operation are run exclusively by Easton staff members, the participants’ safety is ensured, while emulating the fun and exhilarating feeling of fighting in a sanctioned bout against an individual from another gym.
While not all students have an interest in fighting at all, many of the participants use the smoker as an opportunity to participate in an event that initially can seem incredibly daunting. However, the students most often surprise themselves by putting on performances that are praised by coaches and fellow students alike.
ETC Denver will be hosting another smoker in the summer, and looks to continue to develop the ever-growing popularity of the event for the foreseeable future. If competing in the next smoker is something you, or someone you know in the Muay Thai program are interested in doing, don’t hesitate to let your instructors know so that they can you help you establish a training regimen and monitor your progress during sparring sessions!
Check out the gallery by Ian Mitchell below:
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