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April 6, 2017

March Muay Thai

Sachi Ainge

March Muay Thai

By Liz Gerrity

Caesar was told to beware the Ides of March, but unlike Caesar, Easton Fight Team is too busy beating people up to beware anything. On the 18th, the team sent a small group of fighters with head coach Tony Cummings and coach Dan Wilson to The Training Camp in Lakewood, CO for its inaugural smoker. Though Chris Davidoff was the only student to be matched up, he performed well against an aggressive brawler, putting on a technical display, and utilizing his round kicks and teeps to negate a punch-heavy fighter.
On the same day, Coach Wes Argrow headed to the Grizzly Rose with coaches Sean Madden and Kevin Paynter for a kickboxing match against Ludwig Martial Arts fighter Alix Fisher. Though Fisher showed a lot of heart and grit, Wes utilized fluid movement, devastating round kicks, and a far superior clinch game to impose his will over all three rounds. Being Wes’ roommate, I forced him to give me an exclusive interview for this newsletter by standing outside his door and banging on it until he came out to talk to me.

LIZ: This fight was your first after your 6-week stay in Thailand. How do you feel that trip affected how you fought against Fisher?
WES: The training in Thailand was some of the most intense I have ever experienced.  Being there helped me learn to push the pace more, and training with experienced fighters helped reveal more of my true potential. It revealed what I can really do.
LIZ: Leading up to the fight, did you have any specific goals for how you wanted the fight to go? Do you look for the finish, or do you like to let the fight “play out” as it happens?
WES: Everyone goes into a fight wanting to finish their opponent—but I wanted to go in there and fight the way I fight. Regardless of whether I finish the fight, I want to fight my fight, my style. And I ended up with the victory.
LIZ: Your clinch was a really dominant part of the fight, and one that Fisher didn’t seem to have much of an answer for. Was that part of your plan going into this camp, to close the distance and get to the clinch, even though you were a much taller and longer fighter?
WES: Regardless of size,  I don’t feel he had much of a plan for being in the clinch. In Thailand that’s a major part of training, and that part of my trip really benefitted me for this fight. At the end of the day clinch is a major part of Muay Thai, and if you don’t train it, you’re leaving yourself open with a weakness. I immediately spotted that weakness.
LIZ: Finally, what are your plans going forward? Are there any fights that you really want to take?
WES: There are rumors going around about a WBC title in Colorado, and that has definitely caught my attention. But any national or world title—I want to go for it. There is a lot on the schedule, but so far nothing is set in stone. But there are a lot of goals for this year.


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