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November 22, 2022

Thank You. No Really, Thank You: Easton Expresses Its Gratitude

Easton Admin

Thank You. No Really, Thank You: Easton Expresses Its Gratitude

We love providing you with fun training and wellness thoughts to muse over, but we especially love and appreciate your support.

Our passion for movement, martial arts and wellness surrounding the athletic life and sharing our knowledge with the community drives our connections. Our nine academies teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai throughout Colorado’s Front Range. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our local communities and our larger, martial arts communities nationally and internationally. We wanted to dedicate a post for listing out a few of the things we daily find ourselves thankful for.

We are grateful to have students from kids to pro athletes to retired folks and everyone in between. 

We are grateful to have so many talented athletes training among us.

We’re grateful for our talented and committed coaches.

We are so grateful for our training partners, and the more we grow the more thrilled we are to see mats packed with new learning opportunities.

We are grateful to management at each academy for keeping the ship afloat and the academies’ staff for helping run the show.

We’re grateful for the way our Tigers and Little Tigers inspire us to show up in our training – fearless and ready to conquer anything in our paths.

We’re grateful to those who motivate us each day to keep coming back.

We are grateful for the parents of our awesome Kids Programs!

We are grateful for the opportunity to connect to our own bodies and explore the decadence of movement and mobility.

We’re grateful for practices that ground us.

We’re grateful to the training partners better than us because from them we will learn.

We are grateful to our communities for accepting our academies and welcoming us into their neighborhoods.

And we are so grateful to you for being a reader and joining us on this journey!

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