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July 15, 2019

Easton Arvada’s Member of the Month for July: Aram Neuschatz

Caroline O'Connell

Easton Arvada’s Member of the Month for July: Aram Neuschatz

July’s member of the month is Aram Neuschatz. Aram is a stand-up guy and a dedicated martial artist. His dedication is shown in the amount of time he trains. He is either taking a private, or coming in during the day to get some extra bag work in. He is always polite and friendly to new members. We are so fortunate to have Aram in our community, and are excited to see where his martial arts journey takes him!

He started training in October 2017, and is a green shirt in Muay Thai. As a kid, Aram did aikido but as he got older he got into boxing. He started  Muay Thai because it’s a great workout and a good mental challenge. Muay Thai pushes him outside of his comfort zone, he finds that Easton is a super positive environment and is supportive of everyone. For him, training is humbling because it reminds him that there are always things to work and improve on. His goal is to compete in the next Easton Smoker!

Outside of Easton:

Outside of Easton Aram has many hobbies. He spends a lot of time outdoors: he skis, mountain bikes, and he builds furniture in his wood and metal working shop. 

Advice to New Students:

His advice for new students is to “commit and prepare for the long game. Muay Thai is a difficult and humbling thing to learn. There are days when I feel like I haven’t learned a thing and are no better but I always make myself show up, and this is always the right move.”


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