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November 18, 2019

ETC Denver November, 2019 Newsletter

Nick Mavrick

ETC Denver November, 2019 Newsletter

What’s New at the Denver Academy?

Holiday Promotions!

Looking for an amazing gift for that friend who you just know would benefit from the many gifts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? I mean…who wouldn’t?

Current members can purchase a $49 month of training for a friend who has never tried Jiu Jitsu before (a savings of $50 on a trial month). If that friend decides right away that they loved their class and want to become a member, we will offer them a second month at $99 (a further savings of $80 more)! The third month, regular membership prices begin.

What a perfect way to kick off the new year! You can offer both the gift of BJJ when people are traditionally starting new fitness resolutions; and you can do it at a significant savings for you and for them!
Another promotion that begins right now is an extra two weeks of Trial Month at the normal $99. It goes until January 15th. If new members start between 11/29 and 12/15-they can train until January 15th for $75! If they begin after the 16th of December it is only $50 to train until January 15th.

So even if you aren’t giving the gift yourself and you have a friend who has expressed an interest in BJJ, let them know that now is the time for a discounted introduction into an entirely new world!

Members of the Easton Army rank up

Belt Promotion Ceremony at ETC Denver

Another belt promotion ceremony was celebrated at Easton Denver on November 2nd. Members of every academy and their families and friends were all on hand to witness the emotionally-charged event.

An unbelievable 109 students received new straps from Blue to Black. An incredible 13 new Black Belts were added to the Easton ranks, including Denver regulars Joe Ware, David Revelez, and-of course-JJ Martinez.

Who will ever forget Professor Marshal becoming overcome with emotion as he put Professor Martinez’ Black Belt around his waist for the first time? If you don’t know Professor JJ Martinez, introduce yourself the next time that you see him. He is an inspirational individual with a story that can’t help but instill respect and motivation.

Other Notables

The Denver A.M. crew was heavily-represented! An astounding 10 morning regulars who show up as early as 5:30 every morning of the work week were promoted at every level from Blue to Black. It is a tight-knit group that can be overlooked no more!

Another highlight of the day, was Centennial’s Tom O’Keefe who was promoted to Blue Belt. It isn’t even that Tom was promoted alongside his son Tom Jr. The most impressive thing about it is that Tom is 83 years old! You read that right. Find out more about Tom’s fascinating journey here.

If you haven’t been to one of these academy-wide promotion ceremonies, you are missing out. It is difficult to believe how much palpable love can be felt in a room full of hundreds of the most savage individuals imaginable from literally all walks of life. Make sure that you get to the next promotion ceremony and experience it for yourself!

Instructor Highlight: Carlos Espinosa


Height: 6′ 1″ Weight: 160 lbs Age: 26

Years training: 7 years

Current rank: Purple Belt

Date Promoted: August, 2016

When can we find you on the schedule?I teach Monday Wednesday and Thursday classes @ Easton Denver at noon.

What do you love about teaching Jiu Jitsu?What I love about teaching Jiu Jitsu is knowing that I am giving people legitimate self defense, as well camaraderie that is tough to find for a lot of people. Giving someone a comfortable safe place to train while also being able to teach them how to beat each other up. The more they beat each other up, the more comfortable I know they are with each other. Creating strong friendships with the use of simulated violence is my favorite. 

What are your personal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu goals?My goals with jiu jitsu are to ride it to the highest level of submission only competition, both gi and no gi. Running a jiu jitsu academy and being an active competitor would be the ideal situation for me. A couple sponsors to send me nice things wouldn’t hurt. Or at least pay for my competitive career. 

Coming Up…

Be sure to check for schedule changes around the holidays. Kids’ classes on Wednesday 11/27 are cancelled. On Thanksgiving Day (11/28) and Black Friday (11/29), there will be 10 am Randori and 10 am Kickboxing. Saturday the 30th we will be back to our regularly scheduled classes!

The Winter Muay Thai Smoker is coming! It will be on Saturday December 14th. Be on the lookout for details!


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