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July 12, 2019

Easton in Vegas: The Road to IBJJF Nationals

Jesse Stemple

Easton in Vegas: The Road to IBJJF Nationals

In a world of super matches and submission-only tournaments, IBJJF remains one of the most prestigious and well-recognized jiu jitsu competition organizations. There truly is never any lack in range of competitors at each event, and IBJJF Nationals is no exception.

On June 27th, 28th, and 29th, over 30 adult and kid Easton competitors travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the annual IBJJF Nationals tournament.
The adult divisions offered both gi and no gi divisions, while the kids’ tournament was gi only.

On Thursday, the tournament began with the adult and master no gi divisions.

All of our competitors fought incredibly hard and competed against some really game opponents! We are so proud of all of our students who stepped on the mats Thursday for their no gi matches.

Check out our special congratulations to all our adult and master no gi medalists below!

IBJJF Nationals Adult and Master No Gi Medalists

Professor Philip Layne Miller.
3rd Place: Adult. Black. Middle.
Professor Justin Robert Curtis.
2nd Place: Master 2. Black. Super Heavy.
Professor Vellore Francisco Caballero.
2nd Place. Master 3. Black. Light.
3rd Place. Master 3. Black. Open Class.
Marcelo Corpuz.
3rd Place. Master 5. Brown. Medium Heavy.

Larry Beek.
3rd Place: Adult. Purple. Light Feather.
Nicholas Gamez Ramos.
3rd Place: Adult. Purple. Middle.
Ilia Dimitrov Peev
1st Place: Adult. Blue. Super Heavy.
3rd Place: Adult. Blue. Open Class.

Elizabeth McMahan.
2nd Place: Adult. Blue. Light.
Jessica Erin Stemple.
3rd Place: Adult. Blue. Feather.

The adult and masters gi divisions were completed over the course of Friday and Saturday. Easton showed up in numbers not only on the mats as competitors, but as a team and as a family to support each other. That’s the thing about the Easton family: win or lose, we go to war together. What a sight it is to always see those yellow barricades lined with Easton teammates coaching, cheering, and celebrating each other! Congratulations to all of our adult competitors who competed and a special congratulations to those who medaled!

IBJJF Nationals Adult and Master Gi Medalists

Professor Justin Robert Curtis.
3rd Place. Master 2. Black. Super Heavy.
Marcelo Corpuz.
2nd Place. Master 5. Brown. Medium Heavy.
Alexander Charles Yablong.
3rd Place. Adult. Brown. Light.
Ilia Dimitrov Peev.
3rd Place. Adult. Blue. Super Heavy.
Naveah Lize Ballez.
2nd Place. Juvenile. White. Middle.

Easton Training Center is truly a family and the kids’ program is at the heart of it all. Our kids and teens are constantly teaching us resiliency and persistence. They’re fearless and the hardest workers on the mat! At IBJJF Nationals this year, our kids and teens competitors left it all out on the mat and came away ranked 6th in the entire national tournament!

In our tigers and teen programs, our coaches are constantly teaching our students that being the best competitor is important but being the best human is what truly matters. We are so proud of the young people that they are becoming! As always, we are so proud of all of our kids who stepped on the mats and competed and would love to recognize all our students who medaled!

IBJJF Nationals Kids and Teens Medalists

Rosaline Ramos.
1st Place: Teen 3. Yellow. Light.
Breaunnah Kathleen Robles.

1st Place: Teen 1. Yellow. Medium Heavy.
Xavier Grundberg.
1st Place: Teen 1. Grey. Middle.
Jaiden Messina.
1st Place: Junior 2. Grey. Light.
Heidi Curtis.
1st Place: Junior 1. Grey. Light.

Brennen Marasigan.
2nd Place: Teen 2. Yellow. Heavy.
Ayush Khanna.
2nd Place: Teen 2. Yellow. Middle.
Lia Rose Guzman.
2nd Place: Junior 3. Yellow. Feather.
Derrek Thomas Balser.
2nd Place: Teen 1. Grey. Middle.
Greta Curtis.
2nd Place: Peewee 2. Grey. Feather.

Wilson Sojo.
3rd Place: Teen 3. Orange. Medium Heavy
Matthew Green.
3rd Place: Junior 3. Yellow. Feather.
Darius Ballez.
3rd Place: Junior 1. Yellow. Feather.
Tristan Yager.
3rd Place: Teen 1. Grey. Light Feather.

A core value of the Easton team is treating each other as a unified family and a community. We are so thankful that the trip to Nationals was not only a great competition experience, but also an incredible opportunity to bond as a team. Thank you so much to all the students, competitors, and families who traveled to Las Vegas for this awesome adventure! We look forward to doing it again next year!

If you are interested in competing in an IBJJF tournament, check out their upcoming events.


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