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August 1, 2011

Boulder’s Sunday Randori

Mike Tousignant

Boulder’s Sunday Randori


Sitting at home on a Sunday evening? Tired of the same old boring Simpson’s show?  I mean, give it up already Groening. The show’s been on for over 20 years and boy what a success, but the material these days, simply put, is weird.

Easton BJJ students, get your feet off the coffee table and your butt off that chair and come get a workout at the Boulder Easton Academy. If you got 2 stripes or more on your white belt then it’s time to train!! Who needs a rest day, right? (kidding).

Seriously though, the academy is usually closed on Sundays, but not everyone can get all their training in during the week. Lucky for us, Shae has generously donated his precious time to open the academy and run a hardcore randori. I promise after this training session you’ll get a good nights sleep and be ready for that work week. So lets get that heart pumping and blood flowing.

For any updates or changes to this event please see Shae’s facebook page: Sunday Randori

See ya on the mat!


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