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March 6, 2019

Arvada February Newsletter

Caroline O'Connell

Arvada February Newsletter

In February, Easton Arvada made the top ten at Fight 2 Win’s Tournament of Champions! If you didn’t get the chance to compete, there are many opportunities coming up!

Fight 2 Win Tournament of Champions


On February 23rd, we had four adults and three kids compete in the Fight 2 Win Tournament of Champions! Additionally, we placed 10th in the adult division out of all of the schools that competed! Thank you to everyone who competed and those who came out to support our students! The adults that competed include: Roxana Safipour, Jade Valdez, Bobby Beaudoin, JT Baerwolf and Heather Cerna. Our kids competitors were Cody Kerns, Cannon Gustafson, and Braedon Althen. Roxana Safipour, Bobby Beaudoin, JT Baerwolf, Cody Kerns, and Braedon Althen all won gold in their divisions! We are so proud of our competitors for their bravery! When you see these seven students around the academy, please take a moment to congratulate them for doing a great job competing.

Member Of the Month

Levi Romero



February’s member of the month is Levi Romero, who has lost 90 pounds since starting at Easton. As a previous wrestler, Romero found himself gravitating toward Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He started training as a teenager but due to an injury he stopped for a few years. During that time frame, he began to gain weight until he reached 300 pounds. He states, “I had hit a low point in my life last July and it felt like everything was going wrong for me. I knew it was time for a change. I figured out a way to make training work out again and it was at that point that I found Easton Arvada.” Since then he has lost 90 pounds, has dropped down multiple clothing sizes and is able to fit into clothes he hasn’t worn in years. He states, “In addition, training at Easton has shown me the value of hard work. It has helped me to not shudder in the face of difficult tasks but to persist until I accomplish them. Overall getting back into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was the best decision I’ve ever made for my health and I’ve made valuable friendships with all kinds of great people from the Arvada academy.” We are so proud of Levi Romero, and congratulate him on his new life!

Coming up….


Alex Huddleston Guest Instructor

On Tuesday March 16th, Professor Alexander Huddleston will be guest teaching our fundamentals and intermediate/advanced class! Grab your gi, and get ready to learn some squid guard! A little bit about Professor Huddleston: he started training MMA in 2009, but quickly gravitated towards Jiu Jitsu. Originally, he started competing because it challenged him both physically and mentally. Now he competes to show his students that competing is both beneficial to their progress and true to the art, that’s why he focuses on execution and not outcome. This will be a great class, and we encourage everyone to come and take a class with “The Shaved Gorilla.”

In House Tournament

Want to compete in a friendly, and safe environment in a room filled with your fellow students? Sign up for the In House tournament on April 20th! Early registration ends March 15th so do it sooner rather than later! This tournament is open to children and adults, so make sure your child is aware of this awesome opportunity!

Kids Summer Camps

It’s never too early to start making summer plans! Our martial arts summer camps are fun, dynamic, and great for self defense! In these camps, kids learn confidence, respect, and bullying prevention. We have three sessions total: Jiu Jitsu June 10th-14th and August 5th-9th and Muay Thai July 15th-19th. Early bird registration ends on April 1st, so sign up soon to get discounted prices!

Register Now!

Competitions Coming Up!

Ready to take your training to the next level? There are so many opportunities to compete coming up! Grappling Industries on March 15th, the Easton In-House on April 20th, and the Denver Open on May 18th and 19th! If you decide to sign up, be sure to let the front desk know so we can schedule your coaches accordingly!


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