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August 21, 2012

Move of the Week 8/21- Fundemetals Double Leg, Choke & Sweep Intermediate Clench Knees & Pass Guard

Amal Easton

Move of the Week 8/21- Fundemetals Double Leg, Choke & Sweep Intermediate Clench Knees & Pass Guard

Move of the week for 8/21 fundementals- Double Leg

In order to execute a proper double leg you must first get past your partners hands and change your level. The classic double leg involves a level change that brings your knee to the ground. The mid level we are teaching here avoids that contact. Instead we clear the hands and change level just enough to get past your partners elbows. Once you are in on the single you need to bring your rear leg up to a position just lateral of your partner. This allows you to drive him the opposite direction. Remember to keep good posture through out the technique. When done correctly this technique requires little force, so if you feel your are straining to complete the move ask your teacher for assistance.

This is one of the hallmark combinations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Mastery of this combination opens many doors for you. Avoid the trap of trying to learn the combinations after this one until you have a very solid front choke and side sweep. It all begins with a solid deep grip on your partners Kimono to set up the choke. Remember that choking your partner involves cutting off arterial blood flow, not breaking teeth. Don’t be the guy in class known for giving everyone a fat lip! Learn to set up the first hand correctly.

Your partner defends the choke in one of two ways; bringing their hands in close or by blocking your choking arm. Both methods of defense allow you access to their arm. The combination of a deep collar grip and a grip on their elbow is the starting HAND position for the side sweep. The first mistake many people make in executing the sweep is a failure to align their hips with the direction they wish to sweep. The alignment is accomplished through a hip out. The second mistake made is failure to get your partners weight off of their legs. You can unweight them by first pushing into your partner with your legs and them pulling them on top of you once they push back.

Intermediate Thai Clench & Standing to pass guard

Opening the legs is a precursor step to passing the guard. Sometimes this proves too difficult while on your knees. This can be overcome by standing to pass. There is an inherent instability in going from knees to standing. Take your time and diligently work to develop a proper stand up in guard. This will make your passing much more dynamic. Once you are standing we go right back to the basic over under pass. What you do not do is dive haphazardly on your partner. Make sure that you have good self control throughout the pass


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