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September 2, 2014

Focus of the Week ( 9/1/2014 )

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week ( 9/1/2014 )

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BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

1.09.2014 – 1.16.2014



Fundamentals – Closed Guard Attacks

  • Basic Grip Stripping For BJJ – Grip stripping is one of the most important things to learn in BJJ. Whoever dominates the grips dominates the fight.
  • Arm Bar and Triangle – Two of the highest percentage moves in BJJ, we’ll be learning how to lock up tight armbars and triangles.

Intermediate – Passing Half Guard

Kickboxing – Round Kicks

Round kicks are the most important kick in your kickboxing toolbox. A good round kick is just like swinging a baseball bat at the target! Focus this week on using your hips and upper body to rotate into the kick and create maximum power and torque. We will look at good round kick mechanics as well as incorporating them into the number system. If your shins hurt on the bag, bring your shinguards this week!
Fitness Challenge: 150 Push Ups

Muay Thai – Changing Directions with Strikes

The most fundamental aspect of striking is maintaining a good base while moving. Keeping a good base allows us to strike in all directions. This week we focus on striking moving forward, back, left, and right while keeping our feet underneath us. Work on always being in position to attack or defend! 

Kids – Conflict Avoidance

Focus of the Month

This month we’ll focus on the ABC’s of Conflict Avoidance. This being the first week, we’ll look at the ‘A’ – Avoidance. The first step to conflict resolution is to never enter a conflict in the first place. f you ever feel like you’re entering into a dangerous situation get out as quickly as possible.



  • Little Tigers – Getting to the Back position is the best possible place to be, both in BJJ or a skirmish. this week we’ll work on our agility to pass the guard.
  • Tigers – Mount Escapes are the most useful self defense technique you can learn. If somebody gets on top of you in a fight they can do some serious damage. This week we’ll study how to avoid getting hit from this dangerous position, and how to get out and safely escape.
  • Advanced Tigers – Passing Guard is one of the mot technically difficult things to accomplish in BJJ. This week we’ll study how to pass the guard, and what to do after you’ve passed.

Muay Thai

This week we’ll study Teeps and Low Kicks, using the most powerful part of our body to deliver strong strikes to our partner.


Lots of big things on the horizon for ETC!  Keep up with all of it by liking your Academy’s Facebook and other social media outlets.  It is a great way to always stay on top of what is happening at your ETC, as well as the others!  Have a blessed week everyone!


It’s easy to let the responsibilities you have keep you from training.  You have to fight hard not to do this by making your fitness a top priority!  That way, you will get it done on a regular basis and keep from having to play catch up all the time with your health and weight!  Consistency is key, so don’t let life get you down…find a way to stay motivated and to keep training atop your priorities list.



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