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March 3, 2014

Focus of the Week (3/03/2014)

Brian Carlsen

Focus of the Week (3/03/2014)

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3.03.2014 – 3.09.2014


side_control mt_shadow_boxing cf_jump_rope

BJJ – Side Control



  • Side Control Escape: Pummel Series – Getting out of Side Control is one of the most important techniques to master.  Your partner just passed your Guard, and it’s your responsibility to first, prevent them from advancing any further, and second, replace your Guard or create a scramble and Sweep.  We’ll be looking at how to do both this week.

Black Belt

Muay Thai – Countering Hoooks


  • If you know how to Counter Hooks you can catch your partner off guard and set up the rest of your attack.  This week we’ll be studying the Basic Hook Counters off Blocks and Pulls, setting you up for a quick response to your partner’s hooks.


  • It’s time to get creative with our counters now.  We’ll be looking at some more advanced Hook Counters using level changes, kicks, and straight punches to beat our partner to the punch.  Check out Robin van Roosmalen for some of the quickest hook counters you’ll ever see.

Kickboxing – Creative Combinations

  • Combinations – Being able to improvise striking sequences on they fly is one of the most important skills in Kickboxing and Muay Thai.  This week you’ll get to practice all your techniques, and how to link them together.  A great way to practice this skill is Shadowboxing.  If you haven”t Shadowboxed before it can be alittle awkward, it’s like dancing with yourself.  Here are some Shadowboxing tips from Coach Sean Madden to make you a dancing star.

CrossFit – Double Unders

Kids – Respect


Focus of the Month

  • Respect – Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability.
  • Respect is such an important value to have because it directs your life.  If you respect somebody you want to emulate them, and strive to better yourself to obtain those qualities you admire.  Surround yourself with people you respect and you’ll be on a constant upward trend, constantly improving yourself.



  • Little Tigers – This month we’ll be working on Passing the Guard (Crazy Legs) and how to control Side Control (Crocodile Control).  The Crazy Legs game will teach your child  Agility, while Crocodile Control will teach them Balance.
  • Tigers – This month we will continue working on Double Leg Takedown to Back Take, and we will add in the Armbar From Mount.  Both of these movements are complex and require Focus and Coordination to execute properly.
  • Advanced Tigers – This month we will add in 2 Back Escapes, which require great Body Awareness to make work.  We will also be working on our Triangles, developing Core Strength.

Muay Thai

  • Round Punches – This week we’ll be looking at Round Punches — Hooks and Upper Cuts.  This will teach your child Balance, as well as build Core Strength.


  • Join ETC and St. Baldrick’s Foundation as we raise money to combat childhood cancers!  Come to Fado Irish Pub in Denver on March 14th and support our team of ETC employees and members as they shave their heads for a great cause!
  • Good luck to all of the ETC Competitors heading out to the Pan Ams March 12-16!  This is our biggest group of competitors yet!  Now lets go get some gold!!


Don’t take shortcuts!  Not in life, not in love, not at all!  Shortcuts seem like a great idea at the time, but always end up costing more time and more grief than you would have ever imagined.  Do the work it takes to get where you want.  It may be hard, but the journey will be well worth it, and once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll know that you earned it!



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