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February 12, 2018

Focus of the Week (2/12/18)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (2/12/18)

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Martial Arts Curriculum

Week of 2.12.2018 – 2.18.2018


Fundamentals – undefined

  • Low-Level Single-Leg Takedown – We recently looked at the double leg takedown. The decision of whether to go for the double or the single leg has to do with our opponent’s stance. When our opponent has the same foot forward as us, this is perfect for a double leg. When the partner has the opposite foot forward, mirroring us, this is when we want to use the single leg. Let’s really focus on getting a good level change, keeping our head up and to the inside of the hip, and clasping our hands tightly (Gable grip).
  • Escaping Back Control – Last week we focused on attacking the back, and this week we will focus on escaping the back. We will go over grip fighting in order to protect ourselves from being submitted, and then we will look at both the “safe side” and “risky side” escapes.


  • Drills: Push/pull stance drill, arm drag drill, sleeve and collar grip to single leg, and De la Riva to anaconda guard
  • Takedown: Single leg
  • Ground: Side control escapes

Remember, all intermediate classes start with a hard drilling session. This week focus on the push/pull wrestling stance drill, arm drag drill, sleeve and collar grip to single leg, and using the De la Riva guard to transition to the anaconda guard. Please watch the video below for a detailed look at these drills. Next, look at finishing the single leg with a standard dump and outside trip. Finally, get to the ground to practice attacking side control using the walk around armbar/kimura series, and the spin around armbar from knee on belly. Finish class with positional training from side control.



  • Drills: Guard pull to sleave and collar guard, triangle, armbar and omoplata drills..
  • Ground: Attacking from the open guard.

Remember, all advanced classes start with a hard 25 minute drilling session. There are no videos yet, so please do your research before teaching class. Everyone teaching advanced curriculum should be familiar with these movements. On the ground, we are studying how to attack using the spider guard, the De La Riva gaurd and the inverted DLR. Make sure there is at least 45 minutes of training in every advanced class.

Kickboxing – Knees

This week in Kickboxing, we focus on a dangerous mid-range and short-range weapon: the knee. We will look at the mechanics and usage of the straight knee and the angled knee, as well as the skip knee and the barn door knee from the inside position in the “clinch.”

Muay Thai – Footwork, Switching, and Shifting

This week in Muay Thai we will focus on footwork! We will use switches, shifts, and rushes to help move laterally and linearly, as well as to help create angles of attack. Our Open Stance focus from last week will come into play as well, as we will review how to attack from southpaw.


Running and Reading, the Keys to Life

Whether you like Will Smith’s movies or not, he is a prime example of someone who dreams big, tolerates failure, and strives for greatness in everything he does. He once said that the keys to life are running and reading. When you’re running and you have that voice in your head that tells you it’s ok to quit. Your lungs hurt, your legs burn, and you think about how nice it would be to just give up….but you don’t. Once you learn to not listen to that voice when you’re running and working out, you will be able to apply that to other aspects of your life. Because not quitting is the key to achieving. Reading is important because any problem that you could ever encounter has already been dealt with by someone else, and documented. Be resourceful when answers are elusive. If you look hard enough, you can probably find it in a book. Learn from those before you. So even if you didn’t like The Fresh Prince, keep running and reading.



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