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September 16, 2018

Focus of the Week (9/17/18)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (9/17/18)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

9.17.2018 – 9.23.2018



  • Low-Level Double-Leg Takedown – The double leg is a fundamental takedown in BJJ, and a movement that every practitioner should understand. From a proper wrestling stance, we will focus on changing our level and shooting on our opponent’s legs.
  • Triangle Choke from Closed Guard – Push, Pull, and Fix a Bad Triangle – The triangle is a perfect move for self defense and sport jiu jitsu. It’s important for us to focus firstly on breaking our partners posture and making sure they can not land strikes on us. Secondly when we feel safe we will learn how to set up our triangle and avoid striking damage, and getting stacked on our neck by under hooking our partners leg.


  • Drills: De La Riva Series
  • Takedown: Side Clinch Series
  • Ground: Half Guard Bottom (Gordo Series)


Kickboxing – Knees

This week in Kickboxing, we focus on a dangerous mid-range and short-range weapon: the knee. We will look at the mechanics and usage of the straight knee and the angled knee, as well as the skip knee and the barn door knee from the inside position in the “clinch.”

Muay Thai – Boxing

This week in Muay Thai, we will focus on the Sweet Science of Boxing! However, boxing in Muay Thai is very different than traditional boxing. We will examine some of the differences between the two, and how to better use our punching in Muay Thai to allow us to employ our other weapons successfully.

Kids Mat Chat – Words Over Emotion

This week we are going to talk about how to use our words to change our emotions. We call this transformational vocabulary and it’s about using words to make our life richer and more powerful.

Little Tigers

  • Warm Up – Front Rolls, Back Rolls, Hipping Out, Break Fall
  • Standing – Jab, Cross, Step, Duck
  • BJJ – Guard Monster, Guard Hug, Guard Swim, Back Sweep, review Snake Bite
  • Game – Hallway of Doom
  • Explanation – For the striking portion of the class, we will focus on jabs, crosses, lateral footwork, and ducking. On the ground, we will warm up with a game of Infection, and then teach Guard Monster. Students will learn to use the Guard Hug and Guard Swim to keep themselves protected on the bottom of the closed guard, and then move to the Back Sweep when their opponent stands up in their guard. We’ll revisit Snake Bite if time allows.

Tigers – Whtie Belt

  • Standing – Side Clinch
  • Ground – Side control bottom – pummel to back take

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Underhook to side clinch
  • Ground – Side control top – Kimura

Thoughts – Our Community and Supporting Each Other

One thing we are very proud of at Easton is the supportive community that all of you have helped to create. Being surrounded by people with similar interests and goals often fosters a community that helps its members to push each other to be at their very best. If you ever feel like you are struggling for one reason or another, or feel your motivation waning, find someone here to talk to about it. Whether it’s an instructor, or another member, open up, and find an ear to talk to. Conversely, please always try to be there for others when you see them struggling, or you if you notice their consistency drop off. Even though all of you are probably very busy, and every day is jam-packed with things to do, when you come to train, try to immerse yourself in the community even a little bit. Surrounding yourself with people yearning for self-improvement can never be an unhealthy thing to do.



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