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December 26, 2016

Focus of the Week (12/26/16)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (12/26/16)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

12.26.2016 – 12.32.2016


Fundamentals – Hip Throw and Maintaining Side Control

  • Hip Throw – The hip throw is effective for both sport BJJ and self-defense. Whenever you are able to effectively use the power and leverage in your throw, it will be difficult for most people to stop.
  • Maintain Side Control and Advance – Maintaining side control long enough to effectively advance to mount or to apply a submission requires a great deal of understanding. This week we will go over some ways to control your opponent in side control, as well as a few ways to advance to mount.

Intermediate – Head Control Takedown and Fan Sweep Combo

  • Snap the head and go – Head control takedown
  • Fan Sweep, Kimura, Guillotine Combo – These all work very well off of each other. Remember, we are always going for the fan sweep first. If our partner tries to stop the fan sweep by planting their hand, then you Kimura. If they push into you as you go for the fan sweep then go for the guillotine. Always make sure on the guillotine that your shoulders are in front of your butt. That way your base is better and the partner on top can not flatten you out.

Kickboxing – Instructor Choice

Muay Thai – Instructor Choice


Our Community and Supporting Each Other
One thing we are very proud of at Easton is the supportive community that all of you have helped to create. Being surrounded by people with similar interests and goals often fosters a community that helps its members to push each other to be at their very best. If you ever feel like you are struggling for one reason or another, or feel your motivation waning, find someone here to talk to about it. Whether it’s an instructor, or another member, open up, and find an ear to talk to. Conversely, please always try to be there for others when you see them struggling, or you if you notice their consistency drop off. Even though all of you are probably very busy, and every day is jam-packed with things to do, when you come to train, try to immerse yourself in the community even a little bit. Surrounding yourself with people yearning for self-improvement can never be an unhealthy thing to do.



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