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October 17, 2016

Focus of the Week (10/17/16)

Sachi Ainge

Focus of the Week (10/17/16)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids

10.17.2016 – 10.23.2016


Fundamentals – Grip Strips and Armbar

  • Grip Strips – If you watch high level BJJ and Judo you will notice that there is always a furious attempt to strip the grips of the opponent. When our partner has established grips before us they are in a much greater position to advance to a offensive game. We will learn how to strip basic grips (wrist, lapel, sleeve) in a technical and efficient way.
  • Armbar – Technical and Pendulum Style – Learning to be offensive from the bottom of closed guard can be a long process. The best way to get good at it is to start with the bread and butter. Closed guard armbars are a powerful technique. We will be going over the basic closed guard armbar when our partners’ hands are placed on our mid sections, and the pendulum armbar if the partner on top is locking out their arms.

Intermediate – Sprawl and Mount Attacks

  • Sprawl, Double-Leg, Single-Leg, and Wrestling Stance – This is the final week of the sprawl. Having gone over this the past month you should have a pretty good understanding of how to stop a take down attempt. We will go back to focusing on the Double Leg next for the following two weeks.
  • Mount Top – We spent most of the class focusing on maintaining mount last week. This week we will focus more on the submissions. We will do a lot of positional training as well. Specific training is the best way to improve your technique at every position.

Kickboxing – Low Kicks

This week in KB 1, we look at attacking the legs of our opponent, using the outside low kick and the inside low kick. These two kicks are designed to attack the lead leg of our opponent and cause damage, which in turn with slow our opponent down, and opens up another level of our offense (head, body, legs). We will also look at the basic defense for low kicks, by “checking,” and how to counter and return properly.

Muay Thai – Round Kick Technique, Strategy, and Offense

This week in Muay Thai we will drill the signature Muay Thai strike: the round kick. We will sharpen our speed and power on our kicks, look at different set ups and follow ups, and how to stay safe if our opponent traps our kick. A strong round kick is a staple of every Thai Boxer’s arsenal, so come get your reps in!


The “Wall” and Getting Over it
Everybody, at some point in their workout program is going to hit the “wall.” Whether that means you’re feeling burned out, or you aren’t seeing the same rate of improvement, or you feel like you are plateauing…whatever the case may be, you are going to hit that wall at some point in your training. The trick is to be aware of it, and to understand that it’s natural for everyone. Getting over the wall, which all of you will do, is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have, and this obviously is not only true for our training, but also for our lives. Life is full of obstacles, and the most successful people are the ones who keep moving forward and deal with setbacks in stride. As far as our workouts are concerned, the way to get over it is to stay consistent, and to remember that you can always ask any of the instructors here for advice and guidance because getting over the wall is something we have all personally experienced. Again, it’s just necessary to understand that at some point all of us will hit the wall, but what’s important, and what really defines us, is that we have the indomitable spirit and the fortitude to get over it and forge ahead.



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