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October 21, 2013

Focus of the Week 10/21/13 – 10/27/13

Mike Tousignant

Focus of the Week 10/21/13 – 10/27/13

Easton’s weekly Martial Art’s Classes, News and Focus of the week 

10/21/13 – 10/27/13

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We wake up each Monday with a fresh new week ahead of us. We wake up, lucky enough, in a place without some of the more difficult struggles in the world. We wake up with a place to go to relieve our frustrations, but more importantly, we wake up with a family to turn to in a time of need. A place that keeps the outside world and the every day mundane at arms length for a short period of time. We step onto the mat’s of Easton and all outside worries shut off.
The martial art’s programs and fitness programs here fulfill different needs for everyone; a richer and healthier lifestyle, a place to grow mentally and physically, our instinctive need for combat, a connection with other people that desire the same richness in life, a self-defense system second to none, security in the everyday world…
We at Easton Training Center’s all come from different backgrounds and stories, but we all found our way here. Please start your week off right. Wake up, be productive, and get in here and train! Continue on with the hard work you put into your life and take it further on the mat. And remember to smile and laugh a lot; whether you are getting tapped, suffering form one of Coach Gwen’s class, or are simply having one of those days, it makes the pressures of the world a little less heavy.

Martial Art’s Curriculum

Kickboxing / Muay Thai

Fundamentals – Blocking and countering

Intermediate – Working all head movement with counters

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Fundamentals – F5

Intermediate – I17

Black Belt

  • Back Offense





Kid’s Halloween party and Costume contest is this Saturday, Oct. 26th from 6pm – 8pm. Please keep the costumes tasteful. ALL EASTON MEMBER’S KIDS ARE INVITED!
Saturday Oct. 26th is the last day to register for the “Crest View Flood Relief In House Tournament.” ALL PROCEEDS GO TO FLOOD RELIEF VICTIMS.

  • Tournament is November 2nd at ETC Denver.


Upcoming Registrations:

Braulio Estima Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar: Cash only $100 registration. Limited space. November 7th from 6 – 8pm. REGISTER AT FRONT DESK TO SECURE A SPOT NOW!

Duane Ludwig Muay Thai Seminar: Registration details at front desk. Only $50 if you register before November 1st.

Fight to Win BJJ tournament: November 16th. REGISTER HERE!


It is said that the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is only attitude.  It really is the one thing we are in control of.  The next time that something that should easily signal a “rough” time happens, try to change your mode of thought to accept it as an adventure!  Before you know it, you may be utilizing this ability more often, and find yourself much happier from day to day.


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