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Sean Madden

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Coach Sean Madden grew up in Colorado Springs. He has an older sister, and a younger brother who trains BJJ at Easton. Sean started college in San Diego, then moved to Boulder to finish school at CU, where he graduated with a degree in finance. During his time at CU, he decided that he wanted to mix up his workout routine, and began training Muay Thai at Easton. Though he didn’t have any prior martial arts experience, the intensity of the classes and the practical skills he learned in them had him hooked immediately. When he isn’t training or coaching, Sean enjoys trying out new restaurants and spending time outdoors.

After about a year of Muay Thai, Sean was training every day, and Muay Thai had become a major part of his life. Around this time, Duane Ludwig left Easton Training Center, and Sean began teaching his Friday classes. He has been coaching ever since. Sean decided to pursue coaching because he enjoys helping others, and feels an obligation to pass on the skills he has learned from his own coaches. Besides being committed to teaching quality technique, Sean tries to instill a hard work ethic and a never-quit attitude in all of his students–skills that he feels will serve them well both on and off of the mat.

Every student has a different level of ability, different athletic qualities, and different learning styles, so Sean works hard to pay close attention to each student’s individual needs. He finds that some of his students learn best by listening, and others learn best by watching. Sean believes that a good instructor can recognize this in his students, and adapt his teaching methods so every technique is understood by every student.

Sean’s personal goals include continuing to compete in Muay Thai and kickboxing, pursuing this to the highest level possible. He would also love to travel to Thailand and Holland to expand his training and knowledge. Some of his Muay Thai heroes include Ramon Dekkers, Andy Hug, Duane Ludwig, and Masato. Martial arts and Muay Thai are a journey. Sean believes that the way a martial artist fights is the way he or she lives her life. Sean does his best to work hard both within his training and in his other endeavors, instilling in himself the work ethic he strives to cultivate in his students.

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