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Michael Pike Muay Thai

Michael Pike

Specialties: Muay Thai


Denver, Colorado

Current Rank:

Blue Shirt

What year did you start training?


How did you get started?

I woke up one morning and I realized that I was out of shape. I had trained in martial arts before and knew that martial arts was the best way for me to get back into shape. I googled Muay Thai academies in the area and Easton came up. I went to my first kickboxing class and was hooked. I haven’t stopped since.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve encountered in your training, and how did you overcome it?

Being afraid of not being good enough. I have had a the pleasure of sparring people who are better then me. I would walk away feeling defeated by the experience. Nothing bad had happened in the sparring sessions, but my ego told me that I wasn’t good enough on the mats. What I did to overcome my ego was went to my coach and told them how I was feeling. From there I worked on my mindset and let go of my ego. I had to to come to terms that there are people who are going to be better then me. I worked on letting experience be part of journey and victory rather then my defeat.

What’s your favorite thing about training or teaching, and why?

My favorite thing about training and coaching is the people. I love people! I get to train with people who are striving in a sport that pushes you to better then you were yesterday. I also get to encourage people and tell people how awesome they are. Even when training, I get to tell people that they can do the pad round or they can do the two min burnout. Coaching and training is an avenue to encourage people to be the best version of themselves.

What are your personal goals on and off the mat?

I have always looked at my goals on and off the mat as the same. My ultimate goal is to always encourage people to be the best version of themselves. I love people and training and coaching is just an avenue that I get to share my passion for loving people. The next goal is to help build Easton up to a place where people across the nation come to train in martial arts. The people will come for the training and, hopefully, find something more then just good training. They find a place where they belong.

What’s something people might be surprised to learn about you?

I really like to dance and sing even though I am horrible at both.

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